Part 45*

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Pushkar: By the way, what else is on that list??

Sumo: None of your business!!

Shravan: (smirking) Don't worry. It's only my business from now on.

Just as Sumo was about to reply Mamiji enters the room.

Mamiji: Preeti Beta, Suman Beta, Pushkar and Shravan, come on. Dinner is ready.

All four of them enter the living room to fine the set up completely changed. Since they were having a Preeti Bhoj, the dining table was moved to the side and small stools were placed so that everyone could properly sit on the ground. By the time they arrived, the rest of the family had already taken a seat. All four of them went to take a seat when they noticed that only 3 spots were left over.

Kamini: Preeti Beta, you should not sit on the ground in this condition. It is not good to bend too much.

Mamiji: Yes Preeti, Kamini Ji is correct. You sit on the sofa.

Preeti: But Mumma everyone is sitting together, I don't want to be alone. (pouting)

Pushkar: It's ok I will sit with you up there, fine?

Preeti: Ok fine. (smiling)

Pushkar and Preeti sit on the sofa and place their plates on the coffee table in front of them. Shravan and Sumo go and take a seat with the rest of the family, right next to each other. Mamiji and Masiji begin to serve the food to all of the people.

Sumo: Mamiji do you need any help?

Mamiji: No Suman Beta, you sit down and eat. Me and Rachna will handle everything.

Nanu: So Ramnath, finally you stole both of my granddaughters away from me. (laughing)

Ramnath: Well what can I say? Our children were meant to be I guess.

Kamini: That is true. It is so nice to know that we got both of your daughters in our house.

Nanu: And now I forever owe you Ramnath. Since you have my precious girls, I will have to look up to you.(teasing)

Ramnath: Tiwari Ji, what are you saying?. You are my idol and I owe you for everything I have today. Please, just because Preeti and Suman are going to be the daughter-in-laws of my house, doesn't me our relationship changes. I will always look up to you.

Shravan: (chiming in) Yes Nanu!!

Lalaji: (in a jolly voice) It is so nice that now we are one big family!

Kamini: It would have been nice if Nirmala Bhabhi was here too. She is in Delhi right? Then why don't you call her and invite her?

Shravan: (changing is mood) There is no need for that. We have been surviving without her for 10 years. One more day won't hurt.

Sumo: Shravan! (whining) Please, come on! Won't it be nice to have the whole family together? Let me call Ma!

Sumo get's up to grab her phone. She sits back down by Shravan and dials Nirmala's number. She waits but no one answers the phone.

Ramnath: What happen Suman Beta?

Sumo: I don't know Papa. Ma is not answering the phone.

Shravan: (rubbing it in) See! I told you. You are wasting your time Sumo. She has better things to do then be with her own family.

Sumo: Let me try one more time.

Sumo calls Nirmala again, but no one picks up the phone.

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