You are beautiful

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Third person's POV.


She was running to save herself. Turning back again and again,her pace never slowed down. Her feet were creating noise as they were stepping on the dry leafs. The forest was witnessing her ragged breaths,her running feet and the fear on her face. The dark was not enough to hide her fear in it.

"Run Mishal run. Save yourself if you can." He yelled from behind and ran after her again.

He start running after her and she was trying best to escape from his hold. Her tears were rolling on her cheeks. At that time she was considering the worst idea of coming Pakistan. A week ago she was so peaceful in her life,living the way she wanted and now she was running to save her life. She never knew that her trip of going to Pakistan will made her suffer like this. She never thought that her father will deceive her like this.

"Mishal." He yelled looking around and she hide herself behind the tree.

Stopping the breath she tried to control her shaking body. She closed her eyes tightly. Her all life played in front of her.

She was staying happily in Paris with her father her only family. She was fun filled and loving girl. She never seen any of her relatives but then one day her father told her that he's going to Pakistan to meet his family. She got excited when she comes to know that she has relatives like her friends do.

But she didn't know what her father was planning. He brought her here only to fix her marriage with her nephew. She was unaware of his plan. She never thought her father will do like this to her. And then a day before her marriage she ran from there to save herself. She can't imagine herself to live there in the village where she has no importance to anyone. Only men had the authority to take decisions and women to bow in front of them.

"Got you." Her eyes snapped open on the voice and she saw her nightmare Saad was standing.

"Leave me." She yelled while he took her wrist in his grip and dragged her toward him.

"What you think you can run from me. No Mishal no you were born to be mine." He said and pulled her with him.

She was crying and requesting to him to leave her but he was pulling her with him mercilessly. She fall down on ground with his continuous pull but he didn't care about that and keep dragging her from her wrist with him. Her body was pulling and was wounding with thorns and stones. But he didn't care of her tears and wounds.

"Saad please leave me." She yelled with pain but he didn't stopped.

He keep dragging her and she just couldn't make it and lost her senses. He turned and saw her laying there unconscious. He went toward her and removed her hair from her face. Bending down in front of her,he keep looking at her for a second. His eyes go wet but for a second. He wiped that little wetness of his eyes and leaned on her face.

"This is all happening because you let this happen." He said and picked her in his arms and walked out of that forest.


She opened her eyes and looked around and then at herself. She was fully dressed like a bride with all the jewellery. Her eyes go wide looking at herself.

"Beta come. Its Nikah time." She looked up at the voice shd saw Taayi g standing.

"Taayi g." She ran to her and hugged her.

"What's this happening? I..I don't want to.." She was saying when her Taayi g pressed her finger against her lips to stop her saying anything.

"Don't say this now. Whatever you do but in end we girls have to surrender. We can't say no. Beta life is so difficult, specially for a woman. And when your life and its decisions are not in your hands so just let it flow and saw where it will take you. Just give in beta or else you'll hurt yourself. Just do what is happening. And see what Allah planned for you." Her taayi g was saying and she was listening her.

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