The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio by DAVEFRANC0

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Title: The Peanut Butter Banana Ratio


Genre/Style/Subgenre: Humor

Tags used: awkward, banana, boy, bus, butter, cadie, funny, hot, humor, hunter, lol, peanut, ratio, socially, wattpadprie14


Even if she failed at life, at least she knew the perfect peanut butter to banana ratio.


The synopsis of this book is what took my interest. It introduces the character straight away, and the reader knows its a girl. It has a main conflict, which is her probability of failing. And the hook was strong enough for me to read on as I wanted to know what exactly the author meant by "peanut butter banana ratio".

Cadie is just like any other teenager. She is shy, insecure and likes her personal space. She wakes up every morning, packs her perfect sandwich, enters the bus and sits on the same seat every day. Since discovering a website called Wattpad she has been reading and writing novels of her own often fantasizing about standing up to the Queen B or walking up to the bad boy and kissing him leaving him shocked. Unfortunately for Cadie, she is too shy to even talk to a boy. So what will happen when the hottest guy that Cadie has ever seen not only walks into the bus but sits on the seat next to Cadie?

This is a story different from any other teen story you have read. It shows the beginning of a relationship between two teenagers who are totally different, how it gradually develops and how their characters are able to improve in the course of the book becoming better versions of themselves. What makes this story is its simplicity and authenticity making it much more believable.

The author has written another short story called Never, as well as other long stories like The Truth about Being Alone and Notes.

Reviewer: ursulafanatic

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