chapter 3

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                       Sophies Pov
Everyone was asleep when Sophie snuck out of the room. She decided to go for a walk. The wind was cold as she walked to the lake. Her hair was in her face as she sat down to stare into the distance.
After the 'tickle wars'  Keefe and Biana started asking what they did that for and why. To stop them from asking questions she pretended to fall asleep.
The lake was beautiful in the night because the stars and the moon reflected off of it. She was so lost in thought and marveling at the beautiful lake she didn't notice someone come and sit next to her.
This time Sophie stood up in confusion.
Sorry to scare you, I saw you leave and I followed
It's okay
She sat back down knowing that she was safe.
We won the tickle war
Ya, what even made you think of a tickling me?
Well I knew you were ticklish and that you couldn't laugh on cue, so I just decided to tickle you.
There was a long pause while they looked at the lake. It was good that it was dark, she was blushing because of how close he was sitting.
Everything was so beautiful. The lake the trees, Fitz. Ugh, why did she have to keep thinking about that?
                      Fitz's Pov

He had decided to follow her outside. Why? He had no idea. As she walked in the wind her beautiful blonde hair flowed swiftly in the cold breeze. She kept looking up at the stars which shone brightly. Where was she going?

She sat down at the lake. He took a glance at the lake and it was breathtaking. As he looked at Sophie he knew that she was more beautiful. Fitz sat down next to her forgeting that she had no idea he was following. She stood up and her eyes were reflecting the stars light.

Sophie sat down next to him and he realized how close they were sitting and felt a tiny blush creep up onto his cheek. The warmth of her sitting next to him kept him warm.

He kept wanting to lean over and kiss her but there were two problems with that. One she probably didn't like him the same way, and two it could ruin their friendship if she didn't like him back. He sat still trying not to move and inch.

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