Step brother [A Prodigy Short Story]

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Miya’s p.o.v.

I laid next to the love of my life after we got through making love thinking about how life could be if anyone ever found out about us. The love of my life was my brother. Wait pause hold up… I shouldn’t have said it like that. He’s my step brother but even though we weren’t blood related, it still doesn't make it ok. How things ended up like this, I still don’t know. Craig and I couldn’t stand each other at one point in time. The day I found out his dad was dating my mom I thought I was going to die. But eventually, we had no choice but to stay in the house alone together and get along. And from that day on, I fell in love with my step brother. I’m pretty sure you want the story in more details right? Well here goes.

Flash back

August  6, 2010

Miya’s p.o.v.

“Wake yo ass up Miya its time for school!” I rolled my eyes at my sister Ci and threw a pillow at her before she walked out of my room. I wasn’t trying to get up. It was my first day of high school and I was in no way looking forward to this day. My sister would be going to be school too. She’s a sophomore though so I probably won’t see much of her anyways. I got up, did the hygiene thing, and put a white aeropostale shirt on with the word aeropostale going down the side in navy blue letters, dark denim straight leg jeans, and some high top nike blazers with a navy blue check. I walked out of my room to see that my sister had the same thing on but in reverse. “I swear you stay trying to be like me”, she said as she looked me up and down. “Don’t flatter yourself.” I pushed her shoulder a little as we walked down the stairs to get breakfast. My mom always had it ready before we left for school but she was never there to eat it with us. Once we were done eating breakfast, we were on our way to the bus stop. I wasn’t nervous yet, but I was pretty definite that I would be. We got on the bus and when we got to school, I followed my sister to the commons area so I could see where my home room was then we walked over to a mix of her friends, as well as mine. She walked over to her boyfriend Chresanto as my eyes met with Craig’s. Ugh I hated that boy. Every time he came to the house, he made it his business to get on my nerves. We’d gotten into so many physical fights it was ridiculous. I knew going to school with him would be straight hell. I stood there with my best friend Jasmine until the bell rung. Once it did, I’d totally forgotten where my home room was supposed to be. Craig walked over to me and asked what was wrong. “Why?”, I barked back at him. “If you need help finding your class then ill show you.” I looked at him for a second. I didn’t want to trust him but I had no choice. “okay”, I replied. I handed him my schedule and we walked all the way to the other side of the school. “Here it is”, and he walked away. I took a deep breath and walked inside the classroom. Once I got in there and looked around, everyone looked a little too old to be freshmans. “um, excuse me. I don’t think youre in the right class”, the teacher explained to me. “You're not Mrs. Clark?” “No. shes over on the 200 hallway.” My mouth dropped to the floor. I was on the 700 hallway! I thanked her and walked out feeling ashamed. This was totally great way to start out my first day of high school. [major sarcasm] one thing I knew was by the end of the day, I was going to punch Craig right in his face.

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