Camp Supernatural Chapter 1: Run

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Camp Supernatural

Chapter 1: Run

"Run." A haunting voice echoed in my ear, making me jerk awake. I looked around at my familiar bedroom. Everything was fine, but why did that word make me scared. It was just a dream after all; but I didn't remember having a dream.

I sighed and crawled out of my bed, a white pillow falling off with me. I turned around, picking it up and putting it back on my plain bed. There wasn't anything special about my room. The walls were blank and beige, the carpet was white, and clean, my bed was white. Everything was either white or beige. The only change in color in my tiny room, was a few pictures and utensils on my desk.

I honestly didn't have the money to change it, but I was fine with that. "Emma!" Dad called from downstairs. "I'm up!" I yelled back as loud as I could manage.

Today, was the day I got shipped off to camp. I really didn't want to go, but my dad was so stressed, that I figured he could use some time by himself. I put on my robe and walked out of my room, heading down the hall to the bathroom my dad and I shared.

The sink turned off and my dad ran out. "Sorry kid, yours." He muttered, turning around and almost running down the hall and down the stairs. My dad cared about me, but he wasn't the type of guy that was meant to be a dad. I was related to Mom, and that's why he cared so much.

My mom... mom was amazing, but she died when I was three. It was cancer that took her, and life was miserable after she left. I walked into the bathroom and slammed the door behind me, looking up into the mirror.

A girl with short, pale blonde hair and baby blue eyes stared back at me. Thick eyelashes framed her sad and wary eyes. With a sigh I tried to do something with my thin hair. My hair was baby soft, making it hard to work with. To be honest, I looked like a baby. Even after I tried to cut my long hair, making it spiky, it didn't change much. I wore makeup, but it didn't help.

Well, might aswell try, right? I got out my old curling iron and curled my hair, erasing the spikes. The curls made me look younger, but oh well. I took out simple black mascara and blush and applied them quickly. There wasn't any need to put on foundation. I didn't have anything to cover up, not even freckles or blemishes. My clear face made me look like a baby, but it means you don't have to waste money on more makeup.

The girl in the mirror smiled a bit before I put away the makeup. I brushed my teeth and put on my glasses, fixing them in the mirror. She copied me, her button nose and thin cheeks slightly red from brushing. Once I was done, I turned off the light and- "Run." The same voice whispered.

I gulped and bursted out of the door, looking back, but seeing nothing. Quickly, I ran back into my room, turning on every possible light there was in my room. "Oh great, now your afraid of the dark." My own voice whispered sarcastically inside my head. I mentally scowled at it, but otherwise ignored it. I felt like I wanted to look under the bed, but thank god I didn't have a closet.

I took a few deep breaths before I opened my dresser and pulled out a red and white striped tank and dark blue jeans. I pulled them on and slipped on white sneakers. I didn't have money for converse, or skinny jeans, or anything like that. But clothes were clothes, and I was happy with what I had.

I reached up, standing on my tip toes to grab the small jewelry box that was my mothers. I opened it and took out the little bracelet she gave me before she died. It was silver, with words engraved around it, "Precious Baby Girl." It repeated around it, which made me smile.

Carefully, I stretched up and fumbled around until I could put it back up ontop. It was hard work being short. Being 5'1 made people laugh at me at school because I needed to stretch to see over the heads of the other students to see the teacher when I couldn't make it in time for a front row seat.

Mostly though, I was ignored in school. I was the girl that wasn't exactly dorky, but not exactly "cool". So, people ignored me. I felt better that way. I only had a few friends, and they were all boy crazy, which made the boys avoid them, meaning all the girls did too. So, I only ended up with them because they were loners. There was Bella, Rachel, and Megan. Megan was the only decent one, she defended me when people picked on me.

Sadly, Bella and Rachel had a habit of picking on me too. But, whatever. I stepped out of my room, picking up the small black duffel back beside my door and hopping down the stairs. "Kiddo, the bus will be here in a few minutes." I just nodded, hurrying to pick up a cereal bar. I was a slow eater, so it took me a while to get the whole thing down.

My dad looked out the window. "Their here!" He yelled urgently, rushing to open the door. I threw the wrapper away and ran out the door with my bag. There in front of me was a big yellow bus.

The door opened and I climbed in. The driver didn't look at me, so I didn't say anything as I took the seat at the front alone. I pulled out a book and started to read, anticipating the long trip ahead.

I looked down at the page I had left on...

"Run!" Derek screamed to her.

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