Shut Up and Sing With Me

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Carmilla is sitting in the corner of a quiet little coffee shop she frequents when suddenly Laura can't help but sing along to the music she's listening to

Carmilla had been sitting in the back corner of her favourite coffee shop The Anglerfish Pit, sipping on her black coffee and her eyes skimming over a book, when the familiar sound of the bell hanging over the door indicated a new customer had entered.

Carmilla's eyes peaked over her book to see one of the other regulars, a perky and disorganised blonde who always manages to come through the door stumbling and dropping all of her text books. The girl made Carmilla always smirk and snicker to herself, for whenever it happened she usually used absolutely ridiculous phrases that no one else in the world would use. Today she didn't though. The blonde came stumbling and tripping over herself though the door, dropped her text books, and let out a groan with an "Oh crap!" As much as Carmilla hates people, she would usually be a gentle-woman and help out with picking up the scattered books. But she was at the opposite side of the room, and really couldn't be bothered getting up to help out.

Even if- although Carmillia would never admit it- she found the girl really attractive, and actually does pity her for always embarrassing herself.

Her name was Laura. Carmilla had no clue as to her last name, but she knew her first name was Laura. She also knew the girl would always order a hot chocolate with marshmallows and buy at least three or four of the chocolate chip cookies in the display case because that was what was shouted whenever the barista was finished with making the drink. "Hot chocolate with marshmallows for Laura!" The service person working that day would shout, and the gorgeous blonde with her adorable grin and friendly thank you would walk up to collect it along with the cookies already sitting in the little paper bag in her hands.

Another thing Carmilla noticed was that the blonde was later than she usually was, and by this point the coffee shop was almost entirely full, including the seat where she usually sat. So,  instead of sitting in the centre of the shop where she usually does, Laura walks to the back of the shop where Carmilla is sitting, and takes a seat on the table in front of her.

After raising her eyebrows in surprise at the choice of seat Laura chose, Carmilla let her eyes fall back to the words in the book she constantly lost herself in. She sipped her coffee, she read her book, and she would do that until she finished the book. Everyday was a new book, with the same coffee.

After about fifteen minutes of the usual noises of the calling of names with orders, chatter from other people in the shop, and the bell at the door indicating the arrival or departure of a customer or two, Carmilla heard humming coming from the table in front of her. It was slightly bothersome to her reading, but she let it slide. She can't force a person to not hum to a song they enjoy, and she can't deny that Laura's voice is actually kind of nice.

But when the humming soon turns into full on belting the lyrics of Love Will Have its Scarifices , that's when Carmilla can't focus on her book anymore. And it's not because of the tune of the song she can't hear, it's not even because of the lyrics distracting her mind from the words on the page. No. Carmilla is distracted because she shouldn't be so interested in Laura and it was hard enough with her beautiful smile, adorable disorganisation, and charming positivity. But now Carmilla knows Laura can sing. And not sing in the "hey, your voice is actually pretty nice" kind of way. It's the "holy frilly hell, I could listen to your voice all day because it is beautiful" kind of way.

Carmilla knew in that moment that she was completely and utterly screwed.

But when she saw that other people in the shop seemed to be bothered by the random performance, she decided that maybe since she was closest to the blonde that she should get her to be quiet.

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