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I moved out of the car and closed the door behind me. Aaron was very angry yesterday after that phone call of dad, I tried to talk to him but every single of my effort was futile. He was determinant that I should not go to meet him.

Even I don't really want to go see him, but I want to know what has happened all of a sudden that he has started to miss me.

Taking a deep breath, I adjusted my hand bag on my shoulder and walked inside.

I had just opened the door and walked inside dad's house when he came there with a big smile on his face and hugged me. "You have no idea how much I missed you dear" he said.

Lahaina was standing at distance and looking at us with a pissed off look and her hands folded across her chest. Dad broke the hug and took me to sit with him on the set of couches placed in the center of the entrance hall.

Once I was seated he looked up at Lahaina and told her to sit with us. She rolled her eyes and refused but when dad glared at her, she stomped her foot on the ground and sat on the couch, farthest from mine.

"So tell me, how is everything going on?" Dad asked with a bright toothy smile on his face.

"Good" I said simply with a straight face. I'm not at all interested in his sugar coated lies and his fake concern, I just want to know the reason of why he called me here.

He was silent for some time while Lahaiana glared holes in my head. I ignored her and looked at dad, waiting patiently for him to speak.

"Caro" he said looking at me "after you were gone, I realized how bad of a father I've been to you. I never gave you the love of a father that you deserved. I took your mother away from you and made your life hell. I regret everything that I did with you. I'm really sorry Caro, you always wanted to have a happy family and I couldn't give you that. I'm sorry" he said.

His eyes dropped to the floor while he was speaking and his face looked like he was ashamed of his deeds.

I didn't say anything to comfort him, I didn't say anything at all because I was too shocked to even move. He was apologizing to me. He said he regretted everything he did with mom and me. Is this his reason of calling me here? He is accepting his deeds?

"But you know, karma is a bitch, I did bad to you and now see you're happy and good while I'm in deep misery" he sighed, maintaining his gaze on the ground.

"What misery?" I asked out of curiosity.

"We're facing a big loss in the company. We need funds and we don't have enough to meet the requirements" he said and looked at me.

"Ask the bank for a lone" I said in an obvious tone.

He shook his head and replied "I can't. If I ask the bank for a loan they'll want me to give them my property as collateral and I don't want to give up everything for just a loan. I've asked a friend of mine, who works in a bank, to come and talk to me, Juliea has gone to his place, she'll bring him along with her".

He needs funds for his company and he doesn't want to ask the bank for a loan because he thinks he'll lose everything! That is so crazy!

"Exactly how much money you need?" I asked and his eyes lit up.

"400 thousand dollars" he said, then made a sorry expression and looked down at his hands.

That is just too much! His company was going fine a month before, there wasn't any problem at all, in fact, the company was just improving and getting better. What could have happened in just a month.

The amount of money he is talking about is almost impossible for him to arrange and he is refusing to take a loan from the bank... wait... is he thinking about... oh no!

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