Chapter 17 | We Don't Know What To Do

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A/N: This is the continuation of Chapter 16. This will be a long chapter because we'll be seeing into both camps and Olympus, 5 days after Chaos helped the 3 Gods and took Percy to Xilphain. 3 days it took for Athena, Apollo and Hades tell the Gods what had happened then they went to the camps the next day. Anyway, how do you think Annabeth and the others would react? How would Frank, Grover and Camp Jupiter take the news as well? Let's find out here. Also, POVs will be constantly switched at the middle of the story. Enjoy!   \( ̄︶ ̄)/

Annabeth POV

I wanted to scream when I saw Percy wathing us. I wanted to tell him to run. I wanted to tell him I didn't mean it.

Then the tears he tried so hard to prevent it from falling, streamed through his cheeks. I looked at him wishing that he will see that it wasn't me. That I would never do this.

I screamed inside me. "Percy!"I called, "I'm here! Please-No! No, don't go!"I screamed when he started walking away.


I woke up screaming his name. I inhaled heavily and sat up. The familiar smell of the infirmary filled my nose. I groaned because of the headache forming when I realized that I could control myself again. I touched my hand and gasped, I could move my hand. Tears formed in my eyes as I heard incoming foorsteps.

"Hey,"I heard someone say, "Here, drink some."she handed me some water.

I took the cup and drank from it, holding it tightly. She looked at me and licked her lips,"How-How are you feeling?"

I put down the cup next to the bed and looked up at her, "Horrible."

"Figures."she said, "You all had a rough month."she pursed her lips, "Do you remember what happened before you all passed out?"

I shook my head. "No."

"What about...Percy?"

I choked back a sob, "Piper."I called. "I'm sorry. I'm-"I couldn't continue speaking.

She smiled sadly and sat down by my side, "I already know."She said while rubbing circles on my back. "It isn't your fault."

I swallowed, "Wha...what happened? How are we out of that trance he put us in?! What did you do? Did you see Percy? Where is he?! Is he okay?! Is he mad at me? Is he going back? Is h-"

"Annabeth. Annabeth."she said when I wouldn't stop talking. "Annabeth, calm down."

I shook my head, "I have to see him. I-I need to explain things to him."My chest heaved as I was in the verge of panicking. "I need to see him."

"No, Annabeth."she held my arm when I tried standing up. "You can't do that."

"Let go."I pulled my arm away from her grasp and stood up. "Where is he?! Tell me where he is!"

"He's gone, Annabeth."Piper said quietly, tears too were forming in her eyes. "He ran away remember? We haven't seen him since."

"What?! I'll find him. I need to find him!"I said as I started walking towards the exit. But Piper ran ahead and caught my arm again.

"Annabeth please."She begged, "He..."she cried. "He doesn't want to come back."

"I'll explain."I said hysterically. I smiled at her and held her shoulders, "I'll explain everything. I'll tell him that I didn't mean it. That I never meant anything I said. I wasn't myself! I-I was stuck in my own mind. I saw everything but..."I sobbed and fell to my knees, "I didn't mean it."I said with a broken voice.

I placed my hands on the sides of my head as I shake them. Piper bent down infront of me as well. I glanced up at her and saw her crying as well. She hugged me and I hugged her back tightly,  "I know, I know Annabeth."she said.

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