Chapter 4

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Hazel's POV

Percy came trotting back to them, "Sorry about that, some guys were having a small fight and one bumped into me," he said.

Leo looked at him, "Please don't tell me that you used Riptide on them."

Percy laughed, "No, I just told them to be more careful. Anyways, let's get to the bank and get us some money!"

The rest of them laughed and kept walking towards the big white building.

When the demigods walked into Gringotts, Hazel noticed that it had a very high ceiling but was filled with very short people, "It's run by goblins," Hazel stated when she noticed that the short people had swarthy, clever face, with long fingers and feet.

Awkwardly, they walked up to a counter, "Excuse me, we need to get to vault..." Annabeth quickly looked down at the paper Chiron had given her to check the number. "To vault 128," she finished.

"The one with the special lock, as I've heard?" The goblin answered adjusting his glasses.

Hazel didn't know anything about it, because there were not very specific details on the list that Annabeth was holding but she nodded.

The goblin looked content, "Well, if you can open it, it's yours. If you can't it's not, and if it's not, you'll regret every trying to rob us." Hazel nodded again.

"I'll have someone take you to your vault," the goblin called to another goblin.

The eight of them followed the second goblin who stopped and opened a door. Hazel looked into what she thought would be a room but was, to her surprise, a narrow, stone passageway, lit only with torches. The goblin whistled and a small cart came towards them on some tracks on the floor.

The goblin looked back at them, "I don't think that we can fit all of you in one cart," so he whistled again. The second cart came hurdling towards them, "Get in kids, and hold tight."

Jason and Percy looked at each other, and both of their faces turned pale. Jason looked through the door again, "Ah, sir? How deep does this go underground?"

"Very deep, it's under the grounds of London. No need to worry though, as long as you don't try to steal anything."

Percy turned even more pale, "How long will it take?"

The goblin looked annoyed, "The cart goes very fast, but if you keep on asking questions, it will take longer."

"Come on, let's get this over with," Piper put her hand on Jason's shoulder.

They finally got into the carts; Hazel, Frank, Nico, Leo, and the goblin in the one in the front and Percy, Annabeth, Jason, and Piper in the one behind hers. Then suddenly, the cart started moving extremely fast. Hazel was amazed by all the tunnels and precious metals and jewels she could sense. They kept on turning, so Hazel had to grip the sides tightly. She didn't dare look down though, if she fell off, she would plummet to her death. There were so many scary thoughts in her head but for some reason, she was still enjoying it. Being the children of Pluto and Hades, she and Nico didn't mind being underground so much. Then she carefully turned around to make sure that Percy and Jason were okay, but obviously, they weren't. They looked like they were going to puke, and the color from their faces were gone. Their hands were white from holding onto the cart so hard and their eyes were shut tight.

Finally, the cart slowed down and stopped. They were in front of the vault door but it had no keyhole. The goblin motioned them to get out of the carts, "I'm not sure which one, but one of you have to put your hand on the door to unlock it."

The seven other half-bloods looked at Hazel. "I think it would make the most since if you did it," Annabeth said, "your father being, you know."

Hazel understood. Pluto was also the god of precious metals and stones, but Annabeth didn't want to say his name in front of the goblin, which would reveal to him their true identities as demigods.

Hazel nervously stepped towards the door and put her right hand against it. She jumped back when the door melted away. Piper gasped so Hazel looked inside the vault. There were so many coins, huge piles and piles of them. There were golds ones and silver ones and little bronze ones.

The goblin explained, "twenty-nine Knuts, the bronze coins, in a Sickle, the silver coins. Seventeen Sickles in a Galleon, the gold ones."

"We need something to carry them in," Frank said.

"No problem," Leo dug through his tool belt, pulling out eight pouches, "They may not be fireproof but they'll still carry coins."

After filling each of their pouches with the money, they got back into the carts.

Jason and Percy ran outside, the moment they got out. "I can see the beautiful sky!" Jason grinned.

"I can feel the wonderful air," Percy raised both his arms up.

"Sorry to ruin this precious moment but we still need to buy our things," Annabeth patted Percy on the back.

She handed Frank the paper from Chiron because he wasn't dyslexic, so could read it easier than the others. He read the list for them so they could get the right supplies for school. All of them kept on getting distracted by all the odd things the stores were selling that none of them had ever seen before, so it took them a while to get everything they needed, but the half-bloods found and got the supplies and headed towards Kings Cross station.

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