Chapter Seven

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'Hey,' I said as I sat down next to Sophie.
When I had knocked, there had been a flurry of giggles and rustling of sheets before I had been allowed in. Sophie was now sitting on her sleeping mat with a sheet pulled up around her neck.
She looked up at me.
Sophie gave mee the look that clearly stated that sge wanted to continue the conversation telepathically. I gave her a quick nod and transmitted to her.
Can we talk?
Of course. What about?
What happened today.
What is there really to talk about?
Well... Us.
Fitz what do you mean?
I was about to respond when Keefe and Dex burst into the room and began setting up. I looked into Sophie’s eyes and reached for her hand, relieved when she took it. I gave it a slight tug and she reluctantly let the sheet around her fall away and stood up. I lead her to my room and closed the door lightly behind us. She looked slightly uncomfortable, glancing nervously down at her body. She was wearing pjama shorts and a tank top, very pretty in my opinion.
'Come here.' I said, hardly believing what I was about to do.
She looked at me, and without breaking her gaze, took a few steps toward me until our faces were almost touching. She was considerably shorther than me, but her head was turned up, mind doing the opposite. My hand moved to the collar of her shirt, and I closed the gap between us, pressing my lips against her's.

A/N- HAHA I FEEL SO EVIL RIGHT NOW!!! So sorry for the super short chapter, but the next one will be coming soon. Thank you so much for reading this story and aorry again fir the cliffhanger 😊


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