Part 44*

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Shravan: Udai Vilas Palace, Udaipur.

Kamini: (excited) Udaipur!!! Wow Shravan!!!

Vandy: (thrilled) Palace!!!! OMG SHRAVAN!!! 

Sumo: (shocked) SHRAVAN ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!????

Shravan: What Sumo? You don't like the place??


Pushkar: (grinning) Yes Sumo!! A palace!!

Preeti: (smiling) Just imagine Di, you are going to get married in a palace!! Just like a princess!

Mamiji: Wow Shravan, your choice is amazing!

Ramnath: Suman beta, are you not happy with this?

Shravan: Sumo, did you not like the place? If you don't like it then we can choose some other place too. Another palace perhaps. 

Sumo: A palace!!!!?

Shravan: (shrugging) So? 

Sumo: I am not a princess Shravan!! How can I get married in a palace!! And that too in Udaipur! I am nothing! We don't have to go all out like this. I am telling you Shravan, there is no need for all of this. 

Shravan: You said your not a princess? And you said you are nothing?... (smiling)......Sumo, you are my princess. And you are my EVERYTHING!

Pushkar: Come on Sumo!! It's such a great loccation and you are refusing!

Sumo: (smirking) When did I say no? 

Shravan: (smirking) So you like it!? 

Sumo: How can I not! After all, your choice is clearly the best. (smirking)

Vandy: Suman darling, I am so jealous!! I have always wanted a destination wedding and that too in a Palace!!! Gosh, you are one lucky girl!

Nanu: (confirming) So Udaipur it is? 

Shravan: Yes Nanu! I want this wedding to be the most memorable day of our life. And Sumo deserves some royal treatment. (winking)

Sumo: I love you Shravan. (hugging him)

Ramnath: (pretending to cough) So now that we have our location set, lets call the pundit and ask him for a good date. 

Nanu: I just talked to the pundit on the phone, he said that there are three good dates for the wedding. One is in 2 weeks, the other is in a month, and the next one is in 9 months.

Shravan: (authoritatively) 2 WEEKS!! That is final!

Kamini: (laughing) Shravan Puttar calm down!!

Mamiji: Yes Shravan, how can we do all of the arrangments in just two week?!

Shravan: I don't care! I want to get married as soon as possible. I can't stay away from Sumo any longer. 

Sumo: (turning red) Shravan you are out of your mind?!! 

Ramnath: (smirking) And Shravan beta let me remind you, that you have been staying with Suman for the past month. So remind me again, how are you "away" from her right now?

Sumo: (blushing) Sorry Papa, he is crazy. And we are defiantly not picking the date in 2 weeks.

Shravan: But Sumo------

Nanu: Shravan Beta, she is your's. Have some patience. (laughing)

Masiji: (teasing) Yes Shravan. No one is stealing her away from you.

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