Chapter Forty one

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"Three shots of tequila for me please." I told the barman. Then I turned to Lucas.

"Aren't you ordering something?" I asked him.

"No. If we do go upstairs, I want whatever we do up there to be memorable. I don't want to get drunk."

"Three shots aren't enough to get me drunk. It'll just give the bit of courage I need for whatever is gonna happen tonight." I took the first little glass and emptied the drink into my mouth.

Lucas stared at me, silently.

"And what's gonna happen tonight?" he asked, shyly. I smirked at him before taking the two last drinks. I then turned to him and caressed his cheek.

"You're so innocent. Too bad you had to be friends with a crazy girl like me."

Before he could say anything, I grabbed his hand and led him into the house.

Once in the house, I discretely led him up the stairs of alpha phi house. I searched until I found an empty room in which we entered. I closed the door behind me before turning to face Lucas. I knew what I was doing. It was wrong but it was the price to pay for Lucas to leave Rick and I in peace.

"Do you know what's gonna happen now?" I asked him.

"Uh, we're gonna make out?"

"Sort of." I looked him in the eye as I unzipped the one zip that held my gown in place.

The gown fell to the floor leaving me in only panties, a bra and heels.
Lucas was speechless. He stared at me and I saw him swallow.

"Are you ready? You're about to lose it."

"Wh– why are you doing this when you're with Rick?" he asked, confused.

"It's for him that I'm doing this."


I believed Lucas had some lust over me and confused it to be a crush, love or whatever. I wanted to give him what he wanted so he would get over me.

"You probably feel lust for me, Lucas. And I want to give–"

"Wait, what??" he cut in confused, "Wait, you think what I feel for you is lust??"

I told him my mind and why I was willing to sleep with him. At first he was silent and he seemed hurt and angry but them his expression softened.

"Is that the excuse you're gonna give, Rick?" he asked, amused.

"He doesn't need to know. And what do you mean by excuse?"

He smiled.

"Harlem, you simply want to sleep with me as much as I want the same thing but you're building up an excuse not feel guilty the next day."

I stared at him and a bit of anger rose. Who did he take me for?

"Excuse me?? Who do you take me for?"

"It's either that or you want me hurt so I refuse sleeping with you tonight."

I looked at Lucas like he was crazy. I was annoyed because I suddenly realised there was some truth in what he'd just said.

"Get lost." I scoffed angrily and picked my dress up. I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm. I didn't even realize when he'd approached me. He made me face him.

"I'm sorry if my feelings scares you away but I'm not stupid. I do have sincere and deep feelings for you." he made me lean against the wall, "And in case I'm wrong and you don't have feelings for me then why should I refuse your offer?" he leaned in and kissed my neck. His kisses were soft and he trailed them carefully and sensually. I found myself closing my eyes and enjoying the moment.

"I can't let you go now. I want you so bad. Make love to me like the goddess you are and let's see if I leave your stubborn ass in peace from tomorrow." he whispered against my neck.

"You have no choice." I managed to whisper back.

"Tonight will tell."

I gasped when he grabbed me and made me turn so my face and body were against the smooth wall.

"I don't really know how it works but I'm sure you'll be happy to teach me." he whispered again, the bulge in his jeans poking at my butt.

I was slightly breathless and there was this sweet electric feeling going on in my entire body. It's only with Lucas that I had this sweet feeling and I loved it. Was it because he was so tender?

He was behind me and I felt his jeans drop to the floor.

A low moan escaped my mouth when I felt him even more through the light fabric of his boxers.

He kissed my neck from behind, still rubbing himself against me. I did same, grinding on his hardness. From the feel of him, he was bigger than I thought.

"Touch me again, please..."

"Why should I?" I asked him.

"Because I said please?"

Absurd but yes, I loved what was happening. It seemed so unreal. How could we have gotten to this?

Without turning myself, I sent an arm behind my back and managed to slide my hand into his boxers.

I couldn't believe it when I grabbed him. He was one blessed stud. He was big enough and long enough to drive any girl crazy. When I thought of the fact that he was still a virgin boy.

I managed to wrap my fingers around him and squeezed. Lucas groaned and his body leaned against mine. He began kissing my neck from behind and I leaned into him, all the while stroking him a little. I could feel his heavy breathing and low moans against my neck.

"Mmmm, ahh!" he would moan and I loved it.

He had both arms wrapped tight around my waist.

But then at a point, he used a free hand and caressed my stomach all the way up.

I bit my lip and my head fell back against his shoulder when he grabbed one of my breasts and slightly squeezed. He then slid his hand underneath my bra and pulled on my nippled. I moaned softly, carried away.

"Can I?" he started nervously, "Taste you?"

I simply nodded, already carried away. He turned me over and pulled down my bra, leaving it around my mid stomach.

He stared hungrily at my breasts and I felt his dick grow harder and move slightly in my hand. His face was red and  his breathing was uneven. He was so innocent and I loved it.

To my surprise, before I could realise, Lucas lifted me off the ground, causing me to wrap my legs and arms around him, my back to wall.

I watched him lean in and take my nipple into his warm mouth. I moaned again. Damn. The way he suckled on it made my head spin. I ran my fingers through his silk hair as he suckled continuously.

We were off until we heard voices.

Some boys were chatting in the corridor and seemed to be heading for that particular room. Lucas and I panicked and he put me down. We struggled to put our clothes back on.

"I'll leave first. You hide and leave some minutes later." was all I told him before storming out of the room.

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