Chapter Five: The Return to Griffian High

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"you can close your eyes to reality but not to memories."
-stanislaw jerzy lec


Monday unfortunately arrives very quickly, leaving me anxious about returning to school.

The day before, I had gone shopping for school supplies with January, Pyris, Sylvia, Saphiria, and Adrian.  Although there was barely anything left (since school was already underway), it was a really fun time, especially when Saphiria became utterly enamored by a highlighter.

We decide to walk to school today, as my car doesn't have enough seats to house six people.  Even though it will be a long walk, it means more time to talk to my friends, without worrying about my horrific driving.

"Are you nervous, Hypaeria?" asks Saphiria in a whisper as we continue walking.

"Kind of," I reply. "Are you?"

She slightly shakes her head. "It's not the biggest of my concerns, honestly."

"Well, you'll just have to get used to learning things like the Pythagorean theorem instead of magical spells."

She smiles.

After many more conversations about school on Earth, Griffian High finally enters my vision through the rather thick veil of fog. Students are walking to the front entrance, and the parking lot is completely full.

We arrive at the lot, and I hide my face, careful not to be seen, as my anxiety is still present.

Thankfully, no one seems to notice me or my friends, and we walk into the school through the front entrance, along with the ocean of students.


My friends and I sit in the back of Mrs. Emporria's (the physics teacher, as well as our homeroom teacher) classroom. Luckily, I have the same homeroom as my friends. However, my luck ends when I see that Kassidy Knowles—the one girl I loathe the most—and her band of friends are also in my homeroom.

Mrs. Emporria, an old woman with short auburn hair pulled into a tight bun and wrinkly olive skin, looks around the classroom. Her eyes fall upon me and my friends, and she pushes her thin-rimmed spectacles back to her hooked nose.

"Class, as you may or may not have noticed, there are a few new students this week," she says austerely.  "A previous student, Hypaeria Aesyph, has returned, and five completely new students have arrived today: January Ravenelle, Saphiria Elymos, Pyris Moonquake, Sylvia Garnette, and Adrian Hazereaver."

Everyone turns around to look at us.  Kassidy stares at me venomously, then looks over at my friends, her eyes still cold like a snake's.

The awkwardly silent homeroom finally ends, and everyone heads out into the hallway. My first class is English with Mr. Vehemia, which, by the responses of a few people who looked at my schedule, seems like a boring class.

"What do you all have first period?" I ask my Erevalian friends as we walk down the hallway.

"I have geography with Mr. Leonidas," answers Saphiria.

"Same here," Pyris adds, looking at his schedule.

"Do any of you have English?" I ask the remaining few.

"No," says January. "I have French."

"Me neither; my first class is digital arts," says Sylvia deviously. I can already imagine her Photoshopping a dead bird onto a flyer.

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