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First I'd like to thank you for choosing to read 'The Return To Terra'. It really is a great thing that you have done. It makes me truly happy to see that people are actually taking time out their lives to enjoy my work.

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The Book

The story is broken up over Three books of 9 Chapters each.

This is the story of a United attempt by humanity to restore their former homeworld to its former glory. Their best hope lay in the relationships they form with those around them. One can only hope they choose wisely.

Humanity in the year 11,000

In the thousand years since the fall of earth, humanity had suffered through significant change and turmoil. Wars raged on for decades or even centuries at a time. Famine, mutation and decrease spread across the colonised worlds of Mercury, Venus and Mars. Often exposure to deadly omega rays was the cause.

This corrosive radiation erodes and warps physical objects and causes rampant mutation among organisms. It seemed to constantly change everything it touched. Irradiated objects and organisms would ultimately be torn apart by the warping and mutating effects of the radiation.

However, there are a few cases where organisms such as humans have managed to mutate into powerful beings of wonderful potential. Such beings like the Celestials and Terrans. These humans have evolved with the aid of omega radiation into godlike beings that trample upon the all around them.

Thus it was out of this new harsh reality that three factions emerged to govern humanity outside of earth. Nowadays the cataclysmic event where the earth was hit by an asteroid is known as The Fall.

The Venusian Alliance, pragmatic and custodians of earth's ancient culture they live as a fading reminder of humanity before The Fall. Mostly a policing entity the Alliance itself works to arbitrate and protect its nation states.

The United Colonies of Mars proud, warlike and righteous, they maintain a strong martial tradition. They may have once been not all that different from their Venusian cousins. However, centuries of anarchy had warped their culture and identity wildly. Strength through discipline is all that matters on Mars today.

The Celestial Kingdoms feudal, godlike and uncompromising, they rule with an iron fist but are benevolent to their friends. Extremely long-lived and powerful they strive for perfection in all things. A people ruled over by a feudal monarch they pride themselves in furthering the future of mankind. At least the future they see fit.

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