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Shrek's  POV

Shrek was pissed off. He had spent all day trying to get Lord Farquad to leave him alone. Lord Farquad kept coming to his house to try and convince him to be best friends. Shrek didn't need a best friend, he was fine on his own.

He didn't need anyone. That's what he kept telling himself. After being bullied back in high school, he didn't think anyone would ever want to be with him, much less be friends with him.

When he met Fiona, he thought that changed. He could finally trust someone. Someone who loved him for who he is. Someone who loved him no matter what. Or at least that what he thought.

He would never forget the day he found Fiona cheating on him. The day he walked in the door and saw her on the bed, making out with the one and only, Donkey. Donkey looked at Shrek straight in the eyes. He could see the anger building up inside of him.





Donkey quickly scidaddled out of there and Shrek finally made eye contact with his once lover. She looked at him with worried eyes, in fear that Shrek would never forgive her.

"Shrek.." she said quietly, almost a whisper. He looked at her in the eye trying to stay strong as he held back tears.

"Ya heard me Fiona. Get outta my swamp."

She slowly made her way to the door and looked back at him a final time before leaving. Shrek sat down in a chair and finally let the tears roll down his face. He would never forget how he felt in that moment. And he sure as hell would never forgive her for what she did.

Now that he was living on his own, with no ring on his left hand, he was lonely. Sometimes he wishes he had forgiven her. Granted she was a hoe, they were happy together. They could have a tiny ogre children playing in the swamp together and someday they would have children making Shrek a grandfather.

Trying to get the thought of his slutty ex wife out of his mind, he went to the kitchen to make some food. Little did he know his life was about to change for the better.

When he stepped into the kitchen he finally saw it. The inanimate object that would change his life.

Shrek ran over to the loaf of bread he didn't remember putting there. Did the bread break into his house? Was this a blessing from god? Whatever it was, Shrek was moved by the loaf of bread. He could already tell that they were soulmates.

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