The Billionaire's Lie

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"I'm paying you to pretend to be my lover, Ms. Diaz. Do not imagine for one moment I have - or will have - any desire to take you to bed."

After a chance encounter with the sexy heir to the Crofton Regent hotel empire, Alexis Diaz finds herself playing a role of his mistress. But they would only be pretending, as Kellan Butler has made it abundantly clear that it he has no intention of cheating on his fiancé, especially not with the penniless college dropout with no prospects or connections.

Alexa desperately needs the ridiculous amount of money Kellan has agreed to pay her for this deception. After all, the man may be arrogant, stuck-up snob but she didn't actually agree to sleep with him.

Not that she wants to anyway...

Author: anselacorsino


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