Chapter 58

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As her shift drifted on gently, she sat behind her desk with a faint smile on her lips. She opened the draw taking out the envelope with her name written upon, turning it over in her fingers before slipping out the letter.

Leaning back in her chair she dropped her eyes over his words yet again. Despite having tried to read his note before she had never been able to make it to the end. Unfolding the creased paper, she released a heavy breath before letting her eyes fall down to it.


I don't expect anything from you right away, in fact I know you'll be more than angry with how I've handled things but I thought it would save us both the heart ache of attempting goodbyes. We were never any good at them anyway, so why start now?

I want you to know that you will always be the first woman I truly loved. I don't think there'll ever be someone who quite matches up to you Beauchamp... You're certainly one of a kind.

Please don't hate me for this, but I thought I owed you more of an explanation. Sitting outside like we did, everything seemed much clearer in my mind. You and I were never meant for forever, and although I wish it weren't true we can't change that. I couldn't keep forcing this, you need to find happiness and it wasn't with me. Of course I'll miss you, everything about you in fact.

I said some things to you that night, I know you heard. You always did think that you could hide when you were awake, now is probably a bad time to tell you that you were awful at it. Don't be upset, I'm not. I'm happy that we had the time we did, we were happy and it was good. I'll hold onto all the times I made you laugh, all those days we spent together in a world that seemed a million miles away from the reality of our lives.

You have a real chance at being happy here Connie, please don't ruin that. Let yourself enjoy it, don't fight it because I know it's what you do best. You deserve everything this world has to offer, and I can't see why that won't be with him. Let him show you just how special you are, and do not shut him out.

The guys a jerk, but he's a jerk that loves you. I think I always knew that, probably why I could never see eye to eye with him. Deep down I always knew there was something that you two had that we never would. Make it work Connie, don't throw it away for anything stupid.

I remember how long it took you to feel comfortable about our relationship being in the open. Just trust your instincts on this one, when the times right you'll know. Just like you'll know when you've found the one to make it all worth while.

I'll never stop loving you, as a boss, as a partner but more importantly as my best friend. Don't be a stranger Beauchamp, and remember what I said, don't fight this...


It's wasn't until she made it to the end that she felt the tears moistening her cheeks. Lifting a hand she quickly dried her tears before seeing something on the other side of the note.

Everything happens for a reason, you taught me that one...

Smiling to herself she looked to her phone picking it up from the side. She hadn't responded to any of his messages lately, unable to find the strength within herself to do so. The distance had somewhat helped to ease the guilt she felt for the situation they were all in, but she'd never really forgive herself for the events that had unfolded.

I forgive you for leaving like an idiot.

She smirked sending the message before throwing her phone into her bag before getting up and gathering her things together quickly. Looking to the letter on her desk she smirked thinking over the final few words. Picking her bag up, she moved out of the office quickly catching Sam's attention as he stood around reception aimlessly.

Connie found herself smiling brightly across the department at him before she dropped her head wandering away. Sam frowned to himself before returning to the department knowing he didn't have long left up here.

As he strolled out of the department into the fresh air, he glanced up at the sun that beat down over him. Oblivious to anything around him, he failed to notice Connie leaning against the wall up ahead. Stepping into his path she broke his trance as she reached her arms around his neck. "Mrs Beauchamp-" "What do you say to dinner tonight?"

Sam smirked with a small frown, after their previous encounters he hadn't expected her to be so pleasant and forwards. "I'd say it's the best suggestion you'd had for weeks... I'll be round in an hour?" Shaking her head he shrugged before she stepped back from him taking his hand. "We can stop by yours on the way."

The chatter from the staff that emerged from the reception behind them catching his attention before he was quickly drawn back to her. Pulling on his hand they rushed around the corner of the hospital, her back crashing to the wall as Sam stood pressed before her. A smile stretched on his lips as she held onto his arms with a grin. "A simple yes or no Strachan, it's not brain surgery."

He laughed before kissing her gently, the chatter raising as everyone wandered past before disappearing from sight. Connie took his hand moving out of the alley they had been down, rushing across the car park towards her car pulling Sam in-toe. "You're one of a kind Beauchamp." Connie stood up flicking her hair over her shoulder. "I know..." She smirked brightly as they got into the car leaving the hospital together for the night.

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