Chapter XIII

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Just as they said, it was impossible not to let Wiese come with us. They refused and find an excuse for each of the reasons we had to go to their home first, and despite Pandora and I were not that excited, there was nothing else we could do.

However, I had long and demanding fighting practices with them so they could be a good fighter if there came another occasion when neither I or Pandora could protect ourselves. Wiese didn't complain, but I knew that each of the "classes" was a nightmare for them; they even told me that they find it almost useless before meeting us.

I was still thinking about how a kid like them was on their own in a place like Dreamare. The three of us knew we could stand our ground and take care of ourselves and each other, but someone like Wiese all alone in a place like that? It didn't make any sense for me, no matter how much I thought about it.

Also, I wasn't that sure to even think about the subject. They had read my mind before, and I was sure they'll do it again if they needed to, so it was better to keep thinking about how not to fall to the ground because of the many roots and rocks in out way to the Black Ocean.

Pandora had made another spell that morning, right after we had breakfast and took rest, to make a leaf mark the shortest route to that place, although none of us knew about it. Since she was several steps ahead, my friend kept reading her book now and then, when the ground allowed her to, which was more often than I thought when we started the trip.

The forest was becoming thicker, with more trees and plants all around us, and it took more effort than before not to fall down, but at least it did its job and didn't let me think about Wiese and the theories I had about them. It was more than obvious that they wasn't human, but what creature, exactly which kind, they was, that was the mystery.

We found a little waterfall that let to a lake, which was when the spell died. The lights around the leaf disappeared before the waters swallowed it. The air was fresh and I knew there were some plants Pandora would like to explore, but before I could say anything, a shadow arrived.

As I came to the front, protecting Wiese, Pandora moved her fingers, drawing a symbol in the air, and with a gesture of her whole arm, she sent it to the beast, a snake-like creature with two heads, each of them with three horns and no eyes, and three times my size and weight.

This is not happening.

The shadow dodged the green flames with just enough time and began to sweep across the floor at full speed. I had got new daggers before we left the ruins, I took them and tried to anticipate the first attack. I could feel Wiese's fear, despite they seemed to be braver, not as afraid as before, which made me tighten my hands around the handles.

Pandora created a defensive circle around us, giving me enough time to think about something, but what happened next was more than just unexpected: the shadow was able to enter the circle as if it was just a lights' game. I took Wiese and jumped right behind a tree, feeling my heart burning and my muscles trembling.

"WHY THE HELL DIDN'T IT BURNED DOWN?!" Shouted Pandora as she ran to another tree, near to mine and Wiese's.

"I don't know, but think about something!" If that one was resistant to magic, then we were in big problems. I wasn't fully recovered yet. "That thing may need stronger spells! And Wiese," I told Wiese, "if you ever try to do something, I promise that I will kill you if that beast doesn't do it, no buts, ok?" They gave me a single nod, still under the effect of the impression. "Okay, keep yourself here, and don't do anything, I mean it."

I took a deep breath before getting out, right when the creature was running to Pandora's place. "Hey, over here!" I kept running, but heard the thing was following me. I needed to be near, but far enough so neither Pandora nor Wiese would be in danger. When the beast was about to bite me with one of its mouths, I jumped to a big rock, smiling as I heard it as it crashed.

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