Chapter 62

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(Gemini Pov)

Its Been A Week Since Dayna Came By And Dropped The News On Me And I Haven't Confronted Tay With It Yet. Not Because I'm Scared But Because She Been Hanging With That Kendall. They A Little To Close I Would Say. But She Home Now And I've Decided To Confront Her About This.

I Walked Up The Porch, Pulled Out My Key And Unlocked The Door. I Can Tell Tay Was Cooking Because I Could Smell The Food.

"Babe Is That You?" I Heard Tay Ask From The Kitchen.

"Ofcourse Who Else Would It Be?" I Ask As I Walked Into The Kitchen.

Tay Stood Over The Stove With Nothing Much On But Her Laced Victoria Secret Set. As Much As I Love Watching Her Sexy Ass Without Clothes On But Not When She Over The Stove Cause Accidents Can Happen. I Don't Want My Baby Having An Accident. Especially Since She Was Carrying My Baby.

"Anyone Else With A Key..." Tay Said. "Duhhh" She Added As I Walked Up Beside Her.

"Don't Get Smart With Me" I Told her.

"Sir I Been Smart" Tay Said Turning Her Head To Look At Me.

"So You Say" I Said.

"Whatever" She Said Before Turning Her Attention Back To The Stove.

"You Hungry?" She Asked Me.

"Depends..." I Said As I Walked Up Behind Her, Snaking My Arm Around Her Slim Waist. "On What Im Gone Be Eating" I Said Whispering In Her Ear.

She Peeped What I Was Trying To Say And She Turned In My Arms And Faced Me.

"Depends Huh?" She Asked Me With Her Hands Crossed.

"Exactly What I Said.. Now... Are You Gone Put That On A Plate And Serve It To Me?" I Asked Tay.

"You Sure You Can Finish The Whole Plate?" She Asked Me Before Tucking Her Bottom Lip In Her Mouth.

"I'll Devour Kitty And Leave It Clean" I Told Her.

"In That Case Your Plate Is Served" She Told Me And With That I Took Her Over My Shoulders.

"Babe Wait The Stove" She Said.

With My Hands Tightly On Her Ass I Turned Back And Turned The Stove Off Then Proceeded Up The Stairs.


I Woke Up Hours Later... My First Sight Was Tay Who Was Leaned Up Against Our Bed Headboard. My Arm Was Across Her Waist And My Head On Her Lap. She Was In The Middle Of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

"Hey Mama" I Said.

"Hey Baby" She Said.

"What Time Is It?" I Asked Her.

"10...." She Said As She Grabbed For Her Phone. "40" She Said Finishing The Time.

"Damn I Been Sleep All Day Huh" I Said.

"Yup... I Guess That's What A Full Stomach Does To You" Tay Said.

"Nawl Its All That Singing You Did That Put Me To Sleep" I Said.

"Singing...?" She Asked..

"Whatever You Wanna Call It" I Said. "All That Moaning And Name Calling You Did.. That Was Music To My Ears" I Added.

"You Are Very Unfair When It Comes To Sex" She Told Me.

"How Baby?" I Asked With A Smile Cause I Knew What She Was Talking About.

"You Know What You Be Doing... And Its Only Fair You Tell Me Your Spot?" Tay Told Me.

"Nope That's For Me To Know And You To Find Out" I Told Her As I Sat Up.

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