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1) The story and others things related to figure skating might result impossible and/or ridiculous but I kept them because I needed them as part of the story. I apologize for any lack of reality on this matter, because I am simply a fan, not a skater or an expert. I tried my best. 

2) This is fiction, opinions and personality of the skaters are merely part of the story. I do not attempt to insult, harm or accuse any of them. 

3) This is the first time I translate one of my own crappy stories. So bare with me please, my english isn't perfect. Feel free to correct any mistakes, as a student trying to major to become an English Translator I'll aprecciate it a lot. Thanks in advance.   

Notes about the time changes in the chapters. 

/// I use this every time I wrote the same scene but from a different character's perspective.

[...] means you'll keep reading from the same character's POV but time has passed, hours or so.  

~ This one is the worst lol. Means there's a different POV and time skip as well. 

-.-.-. It could me a time skip of days, months, years... 

I hope that's not too confusing, I promise you'll be able to tell which POV are you reading :) 

- Haru

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