Chapter Two

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Smexy beast *pop*
Anna's POV;

Once again, assume this is all in French

September 7th 1775

Anna's Dress ^^"In America, I am needed to help

Anna's Dress ^^
"In America, I am needed to help. I will be a Lancelot for the revolution."
"That's great!"
"Yes, but I will be gone for 8 years"
"Come with me"
"Excuse myself, but could you maybe rephrase what your asking"
"If you and I become courted I wouldn't want to leave you here for all this time. Plus I need someone that could give me comfort and, could 'relieve me of my stress' and most importantly make sure I'm at full health."
I quickly fam myself not knowing how to reply.
"I know it's a lot to ask but it would really be a help for our allies. Plus it would boost your families social status just like they wanted."

I thought for a few moments. He was right but the thought scared me. I guess I'll give it a shot.
"I'll do it."
I say confidently
"Merci merci merci merci merci merci merci merci merci!"
"What about my family? Will they allow me?"
"Well.... I hope so"
"When do we leave?"
I take a deep breath. I realized that I could get arrested for shouting at a man.
"My apologies. Please take me home. Would you mind helping me pack"
"Of course"
My parents agreed. I can go to America. This was frightening in my opinion, it would be my first time traveling on a boat.
Currently I was in my room with 5 trunks laid out for all of the items I would need on the voyage.
"Lafayette would you mind putting in the items I have in my closet. It just contains some books and other keepsakes."
"Of course amour"
It took several hours for me to finish. It took two extra trunks to fit the appropriate amount of corsets for the journey.
"Excuse me Ma Chérie but I'm afraid I must be going. I'll come back bright and early tomorrow. Goodnight mon amour"
Lafayette grabs the top of my arm gently but slides his hand down to my wrist and grasps it a bit tighter and leans down. He plants another kiss onto my knuckles before exiting my room.
"Good night mon amour"
I say after he leaves.

I change into a nightgown and go to sleep thinking about what tomorrow brings me.


I have had a peaceful sleep that night, but I was awoken to the feeling of a hand shaking my ribcage.
"Ma Chérie it's time for you to wake"
I hear a deep voice muse. It took me a minute to realize it was Lafayette. In my bedroom. MERDE!
I sit up trying not to show my thoughts. It was still dark outside. I wonder how he got in but I wasn't going to question it.
"Do I have enough time to get ready?"
"Oui, that's why I woke you up early"
Lafayette said giving me a dashing smile.
"Give me a several moments"
I walk into my changing room only to realize my tailor isn't their.
Maybe Lafayet- no.
I am able to get my skirt and corset on but I can't tie it.
"Excuse me Lafayette but do you mind tying my corset."
I ask sticking my head out the door.
"Oh umm...why of course. Please come here"
I could tell Lafayette was nervous about doing it. Oh well.
"I don't want to hurt you Ma Chérie, tell me when to stop."
"Nonsense, my body needs to adjust to the shape of the corset. Please do as tight as you can."
Lafayette must have been stronger than I thought, he almost broke a rib in my opinion.
"That is- very well- thank you"
I said struggling to find my breath.
"Mon amour are you okay"
Lafayette says as he undoes the corset giving me room to breathe.
"I am just fine thank you."
I say getting my breath back.
Lafayette redoes the corset but lighter than last time which I am thankful for.

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