18 - Realizations and Missed Chances

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"Never trust an atom, they make everything up."

Normani and Camila giggled at the blonde's but the rest of the girl's just stared at her. Apparently science jokes aren't funny to non-science people.

"Oh I got one!" Camila giggled a bit.

"If I was an endoplasmic reticulum how would you want me? Smooth or rough?"

Camila snickered fully pleased with her joke. The rest of the girl's making odd faces at her. Even Normani and Dinah looked at her weird.

"Ooookay. Tough crowd. It implies sex guys... in a nerdy way."

"Alright alright, besides the science and sex jokes, can someone please explain to me why we are called Fifth Harmony if there are more then five of us?" Keana asked.

Everyone seemed to pause and think then all looked towards their captains Normani and Camila for an answer.

"I'm actually am not sure, Normani?" Camila asked

"Because when we harmonize, we harmonize to the fifth guys." Normani said as if it was obvious.

Fifth Harmony were having their first meeting after finding out they were back in to go to the finals. Lauren was the only one absent due to having a shift at the radio station so the others decided to meet to go over things such as travel and hotels in the mean time but it ultimately turned into a gigglefest and chattering about their spring breaks. It was the first time any of the girls had seen each other since coming back.

The girls all shook their heads at the blond and began to talk in their own little groups. Dinah thought this was the perfect time to put their plan into action. Her, Normani, and Ally were talking together next to Camila who was in conversation with Ashley.

"So I think we should set Lauren up with someone. I know this girl in my psych class that might be good for her."

Normani and Ally's eyebrows shot up. They knew what was going on but didn't know that Dinah was going to start their plan so soon. They quickly regained their composure as soon as they saw Camila look over with slightly furrowed brows.

"Yeah! Laurenza totally needs someone. There's this girl in my dorm that would be great for her too. Fill in all those dark spaces and rough edges." Ally threw in a smirk at the end. Really none of them knew of such girls. They knew the brunette was kind of picky so really setting the girl up could just call for disaster.

"Oooh she sounds good too." The tall brunette spoke up again and looked at Normani. "I think it would be good for her. Just the other day she was saying how she's the only single one on the team."

Normani cocked her head to the side. "What about Jessica?"

"She's dating that hot grad student remember?"

"Oh yeah. Uhm..." The blond honestly felt a little out of place talking about this knowing her best friend was right behind her listening to every word. "What about Bea? She's single right?"

Dinah laughed, "I told Lauren the same thing and she told me that she saw her burning hearts into a tree the other day with a stupid smile on her face. I'm not sure if that means anything or who she would be dating but that was Lauren's reasoning." She was smirking by now as she saw the Camila subtly lean over to hear more of their conversation.

"Hey Camila, we're trying to set up Lauren with someone. Any ideas?" Dinah said it loud enough for everyone to hear and was smiling politely at Camila, holding in a chuckle as her girlfriends eyes went as big a saucers at her boldness.

The Camila nearly fell out of her chair at the question. Everyone stopping their conversations to listen to what the girl had to say.

"Setting Lauren up? Uh I don't know. Why would you want to set her up with someone?" She said with slight bitterness in her voice. The rest of the girl's smirked realizing what was going on and knowing their plan was working as Camila was trying hard to keep her cool.

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