Charlie and the Wolf Pack {27}

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"Hey what happened to your female?" I asked.

"I was done so I left" Stephan said.

"Damn harsh, man" Brad said.

"Naw, shifter women are different man, most of them are just like us. They take what they want and then they're gone" Stephan told Brad.

"Oh damn, I want one" Brad said looking around the club like he was going to get one.

"You know vampires aren't bad either" Dice said.

"I'll try one of those too" Brad said like he was sampling candy.

"You should" Dice said winking at Brad.

The waiter came over with our drinks, I took mine and downed it, then I ordered another. I wasn't big on drinking so what the hell was I doing? Whatever when in Rome and all that jazz. Tonight was about having fun, tomorrow I could worry about that asshole Clayton, right now I was only worried about my next drink.

"Bitch get away from him!" Some girl yelled.

I looked over to the bar and saw a blonde girl yelling in Angelica's face. Deep sigh could we never just have fun. The music was lowered like that mattered, music on or off we could all hear what was going on.

"He's mine bitch, get your own" Blondie said

"If he was yours he wouldn't have been with me" Angelica said. 

"Think you're so cute, do you" Blondie said.

I stood up and so did the rest of the group but before we could even move Krystal was over there.

"How about we just relax" Krystal said.

"How about you mind your own fucking business" Blondie said pushing Krystal out of her way.

"Oh shit" Connor said.

Pam and I made eye contact across the club, this was about to get ugly.

"You shouldn't have done that, my friend is a psychopath" Angelica said shaking her head.

That was so true. I saw Krystal regain her balance, and the look in her eyes scared the hell out of me. That look in her eye made me so glad Krystal was my friend. Kris slowly walked back to Blondie's side. The boyfriend that they were fighting over took a look at Krystal and took a step back.

"Nola, maybe you shouldn't-"

"Zane, if you wasn't all over that bitch I wouldn't be doing this" Blondie or Nola said.

"Your over reacting we were only dancing" Zane said.

Krystal grabbed Nola by the neck slamming her against the bar. Nola was swinging her arms and kicking her feet. Krystal was chocking her and slamming her head against the bar.

"Listen, she's sorry" Zane said.

Then literally out of nowhere two chicks slammed into Krystal, knocking her down. Angelica wasted no time before throwing herself into the fight. She punched the red-head in the face. Krystal stood up and threw Nola at the girl with the black hair. Black Hair threw Nola off of her and went at Krystal but was stopped by my fist.

Nola finally stood up but was put back down by Pam. Two more girls and a guy jumped in and what surprised me was Brad tackling the guy who jumped in. Dice also was in the fight and it looked like she was enjoying herself. This was getting out of hand because it seemed like this Nola bitch had a hundred friends in this club. Soon our whole gang was in it, everyone was fighting more than one person at a time. Krystal was fighting two chicks and a dude.

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