Chapter 12

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Your Pov

Once the Q&A finally finished,because it took at least 1 hour,I yawned and fell flat face on my bed.Both Mike and I had changed to our pajamas in the middle of the questions so we were ready for bed.

They both looked at me and chuckled at my reaction.I just stared at them with a what the hell face and said."What did you expect me to do?It's past freaking midnight!!!!!"I half yelled and half yawned.

"Calm down princess.Anyways you are right,we all have school tomorrow so I should head back home . I'll see you two soon.Nice meeting you Mike " Chat said and jumped out of my room.I sighed and went to close and lock my balcony doors.

"Welp,his right about that,we should head to bed now,good night Y/N"Mike yawned and fell asleep on his mattress. I chuckled at how fast he could change his mood.I then agreed and went to sleep myself.

The next day we both got up by my alarm.I growned and through a pillow at my alarm clock,but it ended up on Mike."Hey " He stated.I opened my eyes and they trailed towards Mike.

"Oh sorry Mike.I was aiming for the alarm,but I guess it didn't work" I chuckled and got up.He got up to and we got our clothes for school.

We then went one by one in the bathroom to get changed.We soon finished and headed to the kitchen.I took out some cereal and milk and made...well,cereal and milk.

We talked and talked until we reached the school gates.Mike then stiffened,feeling nervous about his first day.I stared at his reaction and chuckled lightly.I took his hand in mine and dragged him in the school.

My friends gave me weird looks,while I tried to dragg Mike inside.I smiled at them uncomfortably."Hey guys,I'm just taking,my friend here,to the principals office so he can get his schedule.Keep doing what you were doing " I said and continued dragging him inside.

We finally stepped inside and went to the door.I knocked on it and we heard a faint come in.I opened the door to see the principal with a faint smile on his face.

"What can I do for you kids?"He asked eyeing Mike,probably cause he had never seen him before.

"Yes sir.This is Mike,he will be attending this school for two weeks.We would like to get his schedule."I smiled and he nodded.He handed us his schedule and we walked out.

"See!It wasn't that hard!"I told him and he slightly chuckled."Y/N!You know that I am not good with meeting new people!The first day at our kindergarten you were the one who came to me and asked me to be your friend " He stated and I laughed.

"Then why were you all serious and striked over Chat last night,while you were questioning him?"I asked him.

"I needed to be serious about it.I can't show him that I'm weak otherwise he won't be scared of me and he might take it as an advantage!"He said and I laughed once more.

"Geez Mike!Think less " I told him and we headed to our first class together.I showed him to everyone and they all became friends in an instant.We talked and laughed through all the lessons till it was time to head home.

We said our goodbyes and me and Mike headed home.We talked and talked until we reached our house.My parents were there and I explained to them everything about Mike,and of course they didn't mind.

We headed to my room and did our homework.We finished ate and went back to talking.We then heard a crush from outside and we both ran to the balcony.

We looked around but..,nothing? Then all of a sudden a flying cat came up two us.We both ducked and he landed face flat on the door.He fell unconscious and we picked him up.

I looked worried sick at that moment.We took him to my bed and laid him down.I kneeled next to him and I started stroking his hair."Hey kitty..."I said sweetly.He growned and he let me touch his ears.

He purred and I slightly giggled.Mike stared in awe at the scene before him.I looked at him,motioning to bring me the small aid kit that I had stored in my bathroom.He nodded and went to take it.

I analysed Chat to see scratches,dirt and some wounds that had started bleeding.I stared I shock at his looks,but my glare softened once it landed on his face.

I went close to it and whispered softly, so I could try and wake him up."Kitty what happened?Do you want anything?"He just growned even more and then he grabbed my waist and pulled me on my bed,cuddling me.

I blushed and then Mike came inside holding the aid kit.He stared at us awkwardly and I mouthed help.He rolled his eyes playfully and tried to relise me,but Chat only gripped my waist tighter.

Mike had let go of my arms,with a questionable look on his face.I sighed and turned my head to Chat.He snuggled closer to me."Chat,let me go " I said softly. He shook his hand. "No " He pouted like a child,with closed eyes.

"Please,I need to take care of your wounds " I said and he let me go.His eyes opened again,and then I realised how exhausted he looked.

"Are you okay? "Mike asked,as he too realised.Chat tried to get up,but a hiss was heard from him,making him lay down once more.

"What happened to you?You look like a mess?"I asked.He looked straight into my eyes and sighed."I was in an akuma attack . Apparently the akumatised person didn't really like cats." He chuckled but then growned as he felt the pain wash over his veins.

Mike looked at me with a questionable face and I mouthed him,I'll explain later. I'm sure that he wanted to know what the hell an akumatised villain is.

I gave Chat a nodded to continue."The lady took her magic like broom and made it smack me miles away, making me land on your balcony door.Before that she had swiped me away,into mud,trees and she was still not satisfied."He sighed.
I nodded and Mike came next to me.

He handed me the aid kit and I opened it.It didn't have a lot inside,but it was useful for that moment.I took out some cotton wool and poured on it,some alcohol.I cleaned his wounds on his face and neck.He then rolled his sleeves to show me some deeper cuts.

I hissed at the sight,and dipped the cloth on them making him hiss even more.I had finally cleaned all the wounds and I placed some plasters on the deeper ones.As I was about to finish something started beeping.

Chat took out his staff and pressed a button."Chat are you okay?I can't find you.I just finished dealing with Cleaner.Were are you?"It was Ladybug."Well,I'm not in the best situation but right now I'm better.I have two citizens that are helping me."Chat answered and turned the staff towards us.

We waved shyly and Ladybug smiled and sighed in relief.He turned the staff back at himself and smiled weakly."Don't worry.They are taking really good caring of me."He exclaimed to her.

"Okay,I'm glad.I got to go now.Stay safd"And with that the call was over.I smiled at him and placed one last bandage on his arm.

"Thank you for taking care of me guys."Chat said."It was nothing. What are girlfriends for?"I asked giggling.

"Yeah...and what friends for?"Mike asked and we all laughed.Then we all heard a beeping sound.That meant that Chat had to leave.He got up and we all headed to the balcony.

"Thank you once again.I don't know what I would have done without you."Chat said and I pouted.I went close to him and looked straight into his green eyes.

"Please try to be more careful!I'll don't like it when you get hurt."I stated and he chuckled. "I'll try,for you ma belle" Chat gave me a peck on my lips,and saluted us both.He jumped away,leaving me and Mike all alone again.

"Okay,you two are meant be"He stated and I rolled my eyes playfully.

"So...can you please tell me,WHAT THE HELL IS AN AKUMATISED PERSON?!?!?!?"He said and I burst into laughter,and we both headed to my room,to explain him.

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