Chapter Two - Candy Crush, Stranger.

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A flat screen Television set played tvOS of Go Diego Go, catching the full attention of a brown haired boy, no older than five years old. His gleaming, blue eyes widening in excitement. His lips sealed as his eyes gawked at the television set.

The large, square living room had had a peaceful ambience that emanated from the soft, cream colored walls of the space. Bordered with wallpaper, coordinating wooden and plastic furniture. Soft lighting provided by wall lamps, shone down on Micah Melbourne's dark, brown hair. The only conspicuous stain amongst the clean living room.

George Melbourne, a fair-skinned, caucasian man walked into the living room, a smile on his face as he watched his son from the entrance of the kitchen. He stood at least 6' 4" tall with a large, moderate build. Not too muscly, but not entirely average. His dark-blue eyes and lank brown hair gave him the look of a 90's comedy sitcom actor. His square face, and friendly eyes making him seem quite approachable and benign. But the most noticeable thing about him, was the thinness of his nose.

"Hey, Micah. he greeted as he circled the couch and took a seat beside his son, smiling down at the adorable boy.

"Dad, I'm watching Diego." Micah whined and George chuckled lightly as he threw a hand around his son's shoulders.

"So no time to spend with your old man anymore?" George asked with a pout and Micah peered up at him with a blank, expressionless look.

"We spend all weekend together, and when I'm not doing my homework I'm sleeping. You don't even like Diego," Micah pointed out and George gasped lightly, in mock hurt.

"Who says I don't?" George asked incredulously and Micah rose an eyebrow up at his Father.

"Ok, then tell me who Diego's cousin is." Micah demanded and George paused hesitantly, with a look of utter bemusement.

"Jorge?" George asked sheepishly and Micah face-palmed himself roughly.

"See what I mean?" Micah asked then threw his hands up in disbelief, turning his attention back to the television set.

"Ok, fine I don't like the show but that doesn't mean we can't watch it and spend time together." George nudged Micah, who sighed and gazed back up at him.

"Ok, Dad, but you have to know the characters too or you won't understand anything that goes on." Micah pointed up at his Father who nodded in understanding.

The front door to the left of the living room shuffled noisily and they both looked up, as the door swung open. Jake Melbourne stepped in looking only slightly disheveled and Micah launched himself from the seat in one quick instant. "Jakey!" He greeted loudly, and Jake turned just in time to scoop up his baby brother.

"Hey, sport!" Jake grinned contentedly as he gathered Micah in his arms and hugged him warmly. "Did Dad get the question wrong?" Jake asked as he gazed at the television set where Go Diego Go still played.

"He said Jorge," Micah deadpanned and George pouted as Jake laughed boisterously.

"Hey, back in my day we used to watch Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. Not this junk they call Kid's Television these days." George griped out but Jake and Micah only looked at him blankly.

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