Jeff Atkins

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Jeff Atkins

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Jeff Atkins. Wow I haven't said that name in a while, I just couldn't it hurt way too much. Jeff and I first noticed each other at the winter formal actually I didn't really get to appreciate that night in the moment due to everything that followed but it was almost perfect. I even remember our song, the same song that started and finished it all.

"Go," You urged Hannah as she and Clay had just waved to each other from across the gym.

"And do what?" Hannah asked looking at you with a raised eyebrow you rolled your eyes at her.

"Discover Narnia what else you idiot go dance!" You exclaimed causing you both to laugh and she smiled looking over at Clay. Getting up Clay did the same and they slowly met in the middle of the gym which made you smile. As your sister was trying to speak to you, you brushed her off watching Clay and Hannah jump around being silly you giggled so caught up not noticing you weren't alone.

"Man I thought they would never find each other at the rate they were taking to finally approach each other," Looking over you raised an eyebrow looking up at Jeff Atkins. As far as you knew he was a year ahead of you and one of the star baseball players. You had noticed him quite a few times as he would come to the Cresmont quite often.

"Yeah I'm guessing you want Clay and Hannah to get together as well?" You asked and Jeff chuckled nodding his head. "So are you just here supporting Clay or is your date a no show?"

"No date I was suppose to be accompanied by my best friend but this isn't her scene. I wanted to ask this one girl but I just had feeling she wouldn't want to go with me," Jeff said looking at him you furrowed your eyebrows at him not understanding how he could have girl problems.

"How come?" You asked.

"I just-She's only really noticed me when I was with another girl. I having feeling I've built this reputation in her mind," Jeff said you were pretty shocked whoever this girl was she wasn't the only one who thought he had a new girl reputation.

Let's stop there for a second I know you're probably screaming what the hell you idiot he was obviously talking about you. Before you're quick to judge me there is probably someone in your life who's exactly like Jeff and you completely overlook them. Maybe they're not tall, handsome, and muscular but they're a good guy and they're probably perfect for you. Just stop and think about it for a little bit if you figure it out then maybe you'll understand. Until then shut the hell up and let me tell my story.

"Well maybe you should just talk to her," You said glancing over at Clay and Hannah they were slow dancing to The Night We Met. What you didn't catch though was the way Jeff was looking at you as you admired Clay and Hannah. I guess no one really notices when someone is admiring them.

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