After the events that just happened, my anxiety started to skyrocket. "Please, just take them and go. Amy, take them and go." Charley said as Amy, my mom, and I went to go hide behind the car. "I'll catch you later!" I heard Jerry call back to us.

3rd POV:

"I repel you with the power of Christ." Charley said. "Do you? That's a mighty big cross you got there, Charley. Question is, do you have faith?" Jerry asked as Amy, Katie, and her mom were still hiding. "Get back!" Charley said as Jerry hissed. "Not the cross, Charley, not the cross." Jerry said as he now has a hold of the cross as well as his neck. When Jerry grasped onto the cross, it starts to go on fire. Jerry simply blows the flames out. With his strength, Jerry throws Charley to the other car and he uses his enhanced speed to come over by him.

"Have you ever got a stake in the chest? I have. It hurts, but they missed the heart. It's right here. Easy measurement." Jerry taunted. Katie spots some stakes that were used for the For Sale signs. Katie quietly grabbed a stake and broke off half of it, so it is easy to hide behind her back. "Katie, what the fuck are you doing?" Amy hissed. "Just trust me." I whispered back.

Katie's POV

I peered around the corner where my brother was cornered by Jerry. "You shouldn't have been so nosy." Jerry said as he was about to stab him with the cross. "No!" I screamed out, gaining their attention. "Katie." I heard Charley breathe out as I went closer to them. "Don't kill my brother. Just take me instead." I said. Jerry smirked as I could see Charley's eyes water up. "Katie, no. You can't..." Charley was about to say, but I cut him off.

"You are my brother and if being a vampire myself will save you, Amy, and mom, then let it be and take me instead." I said as a tear went down my face. Jerry used his enhanced speed to come over by me. "I have waited for a long time for this." he said as he wiped my stray tear with his bloody thumb. A smear of blood was now on my cheek. "It will be painless. It's a gift." Jerry said as he was kissing my cheek and down to my neck. "Oh, I know. And I'm sorry." I said and as soon as I got him confused, I got the stake out of hiding and stabbed him in the back with it, purposefully missing the heart.

Jerry let out an animalistic scream as more tears streamed down my face. Amy and my mom also got out of hiding and my mom fainted. "Mom." Charley and I gasped out. "Mrs. Brewster." Amy said as we all kneeled down by her. Charley and Amy supported her as I opened up the car door that the man was in and they set her in the back seat. "You know you missed the heart." Charley said. "Yeah, I know." I said. "And you know that he's coming back for you." Amy said. "I know. Just floor it." I said as Charley drove us all the way to the hospital. He was going slow but then he knocked over my mom's car, almost crushing Jerry and now we were off to the hospital.

I was at the hospital and I was just sitting down, going over through what just happened as Amy called her parents and as Charley got interviewed by the cops. I eventually got up to go to the bathroom to wipe off the blood smear that I got on my cheek.

"Katie. I'm coming for you."  I heard someone say into my head and I fully know that it is Jerry. "Get out of my head!" I screamed as I smashed the mirror in the bathroom. I have had a lot of blood coming out and I heard a knock on the bathroom door. "Miss, is everything alright?" I heard one of the nurses say. "Y-Y-Yeah. I'm fine." I said and once I knew she was away, I cleaned up my hand and I left the bathroom.

I got to my mom's hospital room and Charley and Amy were putting up crosses. "Help us put these up." he said and I helped him with it. "What's going on?" I asked, putting the crosses up. "We're going to see Peter." he said. "Vincent?" I asked and he nods in confirmation. "We're going to see the Peter Vincent?" Amy asked as we left the hospital room. Charley muttered something that I didn't hear and then a doctor gave us a questioning look. "She's really religious." I lied although I knew that it was to lure Jerry away from her. 

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