"Sorry, Joey. She's spending the afternoon shopping in Cookeville with Amber and her mom." His enthusiasm was immediately crushed as the words left my tongue. "But," I continued, "She plans to be here tonight for the fireworks."

"Awesome!" He grinned. "A friend is letting me borrow his jet ski for the day and I was hoping to get her on it... Maybe you and I can play a game of volleyball later? They're setting up the net right now over by the...." I glanced behind Joey as he prattled on and saw a red Jeep slowly roll by the park with Broderick Cooper at the steering wheel. My eyes were locked on Broderick as he maneuvered his vehicle through the pedestrians and onto the grassy knoll that was being used for overflow parking.

Joey began snapping his fingers in my line of sight. "Hello? Jules?"

I blinked and returned to the person in front of me. "I'm sorry. What?"

Curious, he looked over his shoulder to see what had pulled my attention. I winced hoping he wouldn't realize it was Broderick Cooper who had stolen my concentration from him. Instantly seeing Broderick, he shot his hand up to wave him over, my preoccupation completely forgotten. His wave provided no success, then pointed to another car parked a few spaces away from Broderick. "Jackson and Taryn are finally here. Took them long enough. I wonder what changed Broderick's mind about coming..." He turned back to me. "I'm going to go over there and flag them down. You wanna come?" 

Cari grabbed my arm. "Jules, we have thirty minutes before Isaac Philetos takes stage. I want to get a good seat."

I shook my head at Joey. "I promised Cari that we'd watch this guy play at noon. We'll catch up later." Joey waved as he jogged over to Broderick, Jackson, and Taryn in the grassy knoll.

Cari and I made our way to the amphitheater and found a spot close to the front while the previous act was winding their set down. "We'll grab the very front as soon as these people are done and the audience thins out," she assured me.

Sure enough, within minutes of the last song being played, the audience began thinning and Cari pulled me to what she deemed as the most perfect spot. Savannah and her boyfriend, Tripp, joined us moments later. She, too, had been scouting the area for the most perfect spot to watch the noon show with Isaac Philetos.

I was unfamiliar with him and his music, but Cari and Savannah had caught his act a few months back when they were in Atlanta. For weeks after, I heard nothing but his name.

Cari suddenly leaned in to all of us and started speaking in a husky and rushed whisper. "Oh my God! There he is, there he is!"

My mind was still centered around Broderick—hoping I would get a chance to run into him, whilst also wishing that I'd quit thinking about him altogether—so when I looked up and saw the person Cari was referring to, I felt traitorous to my current obsession. Isaac was godlike in his startling beauty. I locked my eyes onto him as he confidently crossed the stage, guitar case in hand. Keenly aware that I was foolishly gaping at him, I tried tearing my eyes away, but they betrayed me and resisted. His fully developed muscles pulsate under the tanned skin of his tattooed arm as he shook the hand of someone on stage offering to help him set up. His body was sculpted flawlessly, strong and muscular; the clothes he wore couldn't veil it. As he spoke, his bright white teeth seemed to sparkle in a smile framed by his smooth, perfectly shaped lips. His thick black hair was neatly swept and arranged in a spiky fashion found on the young heartthrobs of movies and television. And despite the danger I found in his icy blue eyes, lined with thick black lashes—a look that could easily be found in the eyes of a mysterious and tortured rebel—I saw a distinctive twinkle dart from them. He released a stunning and confident manner as he strolled over to set down his guitar case and retrieve a stool from a girl who was also helping him set up on the stage.

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