Chapter 9

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*dream about the past*

(3rd person aka author's POV)

Two kids, a boy and a girl ran through the playground to get to the swings first. It was always a competition between the two to get there first' ever since they met during elementary. Laughing the girl got there first. She had (H/L)(H/C) hair and bright (E/C) eyes. Sitting on the swing she said "I still beat you Nico" she said to the boy. They weren't elementary schoolers anymore. They were in middle school now and the boy was about to ask her something.

"Hey (Y/N)" he said "Remember elementary?"

"yeah" I answered as memories strted to play in my mind. The time when I was first told he had a crush on Me and to that time near the end of the day that m friend who I told that I like him told him. From across the classroom you could hear him shout"YES!!!" like a kid that got free stuff. I smiled at those memories. Then i remembered our first "date". It was during recess. The ground was all muddy because of the rain that happened the night before. I slipped and dragged him down with me. He was worried but i just laughed it off. Then that time i laughed so hard i fell back wards from the chair. I told him i was fine when he asked. 

I smiled at those memories. They were so beautiful and innocent. He joined me on the swing next to me and we started to just talk and be there for each other. 

Sooner than I hoped time had to interrupt us. It was almost night. 

"we should probably go home now" I told him I stood up and gave him a hand which he took and we walked back together. When I was at the friendly door of my house he hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek saying seeyou tomorrow. 

I smiled as I went in my house then to my room and slept. 

why can't good things ever last?

we were to gether for a few more months, that is untill I noticed he started to act weird around me. He would barely talk to me and almost avoided me. 

I decided to find out what all this was about so when him and his friend Andrés were talking i eavesdroped on them from out side. 

"when are you gonna tell her man? You know you have to"

'tell me?' I thought 'what does he need to tell me?'

"its not like she's gonna know man" I heard Nico say "She's dumb besides I'm gonna cut it off soon. She's getting mad asking when i'm gonna cut it off so i have to soon."

That night me and Nico had a date. When he went to the bathroom I grabbed his phone and saw tons of messages from a person named "Sweetheart"

and trust me. This was not me that sent these messages. 

they said 

"when are you gonna break it with her? You better do it soon!"

"I miss you nicooo~"

He came back and saw me with the phone. I looked at him and asked him who this "Sweetheart" was. He said he didnt know her. A bad lie. A horrible one. I threw his phone down and said 

"HOW COULD YOU?!!" i could feel my heart, or soul, whatever, start to break. It hurt. Now I know people had worse but i just cant take it. It hurts do DAMN much. I started to cry and ran out. 

~Dr€@m €μd~

I woke up and as usual did my routine and walked by Trinity's house to walk with her. When she came out i said good morning and we both walked to school in silence. 

Then i remembered my dream. It was probably a good thing that I broke up with him. If anything I've gotten stronger since then. 

(666th word)

I haven't seen Nico since which was good. But also haven't been the same since either. I was going downwards in a spiral. My heart couldn't take it. I felt like there was nothing to live for. But no matter how hard I tried i just couldn't get my self to feel like my old self or let my heart be the same again. I built up and exterior which was impassable. I would let the past repeat. I will not let myself or anyone else suffer through what i did again. 

I decided to start a new life. I moved here and to the school where i am now. I have friends and my life is actually happy. Maybe i can finally forget about my past and move on. Hope fully i can. 

And abnormally i smile once we reached school. 

(A/N: The saddest thing is that dream up there is partially the truth)

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