What now

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Ross's pov.
I nervously tap my fingers against my desk. Someone's gonna tell the principle. I know it. Any minute now the loudspeaker will be asking for me and Max to head to the office. Then we'll get yelled at for 'starting' a fight. I mean. I guess to others it seems I get one perk, they can't exactly call my parents and tell them about how I've been misbehaving. Personally though, I don't consider it one at all.

Max's pov.
Wow, I guess that was a close call. I was this close to getting thrown out of another school. Good thing Ross was there to bail me out. Why did he though? I mean, I guess I kept others from hurting him. But i'd do that for anyone. I look over at Ross who's tapping his desk. I smiled "Boy who always did what he was tooooollld." my song sang out. I guess that's pretty accurate, Ross didn't exactly look like the type to really break the rules. And he was really just a victim this time. He didn't even start the fight, I did. "Max. Max. Max!" the teacher shouts knocking me from my thoughts. I winced. Too loud. "Um.. Ya miss?" I ask. "I asked you to read page 447 paragraph 3." "oh, ok." I said flipping to the page.

. . .

"Well. Um. Thanks, I guess? For earlier." I said to Ross. He replied, smiling "Its ok no need to thank me. I should be the one thanking you for saving me." For some reason I can't fight off a grin. "Really though, I would have done that for anyone so don't worry about it." I reply. The bell sounds, indicating the end of the school day. "Hey, would you like to come over?" He asks timidly, looking at his feet. "Sure." I answer almost instantly. I hope this will give me time to ask Ross some questions, and hopefully get some answers.

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