Chapter 1-Frisk's Birthday

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"Wake up! Wake up Mercy!" Said my Little Sister jumping on my bed. She then Poked me a couple times before I woke up. "Agh! Ok Frisk! I'm up! I'm up! What is it that your so excited about?!" I asked Rubbing my eyes." Really? You forgot?" She said, Grabbing the Calendar. She held it up Right to my face. I Grabbed it from her and held it up so I could see it myself. The date was circled in bright red marker. November 1st, Frisk's birthday.

I suddenly realized the mistake I made. My dog ears got droopy. I felt so bad, Forgetting my own sisters birthday?! I'm so mean.

While my sister was putting the calendar back on the wall, My father walked in, Dressed in his normal blue coat and Pink slippers. A fairly tall skeleton in my eyes, But not to others. I'm only a tiny 7 year old, It's not like I have much of an Opinion on others.
"Hey Kiddos, After you get ready. How about some Grillbys?" Dad offered. Me and Frisk looked at each other Excitedly, then looking back at Dad. " Yes Of course!" Frisk said. "Of course! But for breakfast?" I asked. He shrugged." Some Greasy food won't kill ya kiddo! And it's not like they don't have stuff for you to eat there. Either way you should really.. get some meat on those bones!"He replied in a Joke. I got to admit, My dad knows how to make the best puns.

A few minutes later I walk out the door with my scarf and sweater. I walk beside Dad to the Town. Frisk follows, Jumping in the little bits of rain that fell from last night. Frisk invited me to Join, but looked down at my scarf and realized if I got too crazy; I'd turn into a Dog.
"Go ahead Merc. You deserve to have a bit of fun." Dad said looking behind him. I then Pounced into the biggest puddle. To be honest, having a bit of Fun with my New family feels good.

We later Arrived at Grillbys. Me and Frisk were very Hungry. I could see Dad smirking a bit, But I looked into the darkness of the Restaurant. Until a light came on, And everyone appeared from behind the counters.
" Happy Birthday Frisk!" Everyone yelled. Many came to see Frisk; Few came to me. Except for Toriel. Who couldn't keep her eyes off me. The one time I waved back, She came over to talk to me. "Hello Child. Are you a friend of Frisk?" She asked. I scratched my chin. "Sister, actually.." I said. Toriel's Eyes Widened. " Would you like to come over with us then? We're sitting over in the private booth. Would you like to come?" She asked crouching down. " Of course Ms. Toriel." I said.

I joined Mom, Dad, Toriel, Papyrus, Frisk, Undyne and Alphys and Grillby at the separate booth.
"So," Undyne started. " I'm starting to run my own Gym. I need some more money to pay for the equipment, but The majority of the place is almost done."
"What kind of Gym? Gymnastics?" Mom asked. "Yeah, And of you want to help Via; You most definitely can." She continued.
Mom looked over at me. I was very excited. A new Gym?! I just could imagine the floor full of Gymnasts, All differently doing their routines. The bars powered with Chalk..
" I did Gymnastics when I was smaller.. Maybe I could Join...?" I said nervous a bit. " Cool Punk, I guess I'll see you at tryouts." Undyne said hitting my arm in a playful fashion. I rubbed my arm and looked at her happily.

"And since we're all alone now..", Dad said grabbing a Piece of cake. We can celebrate something more personal." He said holding up my Candle. "...what's this.."? I asked confused out of my mind. " Did you forget? It's the... Day I found you. So in other terms..Happy adoption Day Kiddo." He said giving me a hug. I hugged him back tightly in tears. "I love you Dad." I said. He pushed me back to touch his skull to mine. " I love you too Mercy." He replied. I saw the tears in his eyes too.

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