UNFORGETTABLE SCHOOL DAYS - a trip down the memory lane

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Sitting alone today I recall those days 

Memories are all that I have

After everybody went on their own ways

Oh! those memorable school days

Going through old diaries and slam books 

Reminds me of my friends and their looks

Found some contacts that exist no more

Thinking about them makes my heart sore

Chatting with friends, talking about stuff

No matter how many hours it was never enough

I'll never forget my teachers 

Whom I must say, were truly our well wishers

Rememebering the tours and picnics we went

Those were life's unforgettable events

Classrooms and playgrounds are the things, I miss the most

But, today everything seems lost

I was in section "E" at that time

Those memories now only shine

That enjoyment after breaking rules

As eveyone thought, they were meant only for fools

Its hard to believe those days are over

I'm going to college, feeling much older

I wish, I could go back in past

Because with me, only the ruins of those sweet memories last........

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