My Reaction

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"You-you love me?! You don't know a thing about me but you claim to love me?! You came here to kill me but you love me?! That's psychotic, idiotic, and just straight stupid!" I yelled at him. He gave a sad smile with a slight blush that was barely visible.

I stormed off again into the darkness and again not know where the living hell I was going but I just needed to go away from him. I turned to see him not even behind me anymore but when I looked straight ahead, there he was. He had that dumbass smirk on his face and I really wanted to punch it off. I shrieked at his presence and leaned backwards almost hitting the ground when his hands grabbed my waist and pulled me up. My hands pushed against his chest and his face awfully close to mine. I blushed hard. He gave a mischievous smile and chuckled darkly.

"I knew it." He said in a dark, seductive voice. I looked away from him, not even wanting to look at his stupid face. "I knew you loved me. You loved the way I just grabbed you and your cherishing the way you're pushed against me, you dirty little liar."

My head quickly snapped over to look at him in horror. He smiled darkly and laughed as he brought me closer to him.

(Sins Alert! Sins Alert)

He slowly leaned closer and I felt something warm and wet go up my neck. I looked through the corner of my eye to see Death licking and sucking on my neck. I tried my very best not to moan but it was like he was making me. He looked into my eyes as he licked my neck again but slower.

"Come on, Geno, I know you like it~" He whispered in my ear. I sighed softly, trying really hard not to let him hear me moan. He rubbed his hands against my chest and slid them down slowly until he reached the waistband of my shorts. He slipped his hand past the waistband and started feeling me and I felt a flame ignite in my eyes.

(Okay, Sins are over)

I pushed him away and he chuckled. I walked away into what I thought was a light glowing from afar. I felt a smile forming on my lips as I began running towards it. I gotta escape! I have to before this sadistic pervert rapes me! I leaped through the light and found myself in some weird place. Every other Sans was there and it seemed to be a party. They all stared at me and I blushed in embarrassment. Death came inside a few minutes after and smiled with his scythe in his hands.

"Reaper!" Everyone cheered. Death laughed and picked me up. I was looking around, dumbfounded and confused. Why was there a party going on while I'm getting sexually harassed by the Grim Reaper?!

"Well, Geno? You gonna relax and party or be a party pooper?" Death asked me. I blinked back into the reality and nodded slowly.

"Yeah, I...uh.. I'm gonna have fun for a bit before I question you about this shit." I told him.

--time skip brought to you by Edge! "Fuck off."--

When the party ended, everyone was leaving to go back to their universes. I waved them goodbye until I realized that I don't have a universe to go to. As the god of Death himself just said, I'm dead. I can't go back and I can't relive my life. I fucked up and this time, I can't fix it. A tear welled in the back of my eye and I let it slide down my jaw. Death must've noticed because he rushed over and put one arm around me. I scoffed and shoved him away as I walked towards the darkness once more. He sighed heavily and popped in front of me again. Dammit, I hate that!

"Look, Geno, if it'll make you feel better, you can stay in my universe for awhile or live in the void with Gas-"

"Hell no! I'd rather live with..." I sighed before looking up into his beautiful, upside down, heart-shaped eyes that glowed purple. I sighed. Fuck it. ".. I'd rather live with you in your universe." I mumbled. He smiled brightly and snatched my hand. He opened a portal to Reapertale and we instantly appeared at his house. In this universe, it's around ten at night. That's strange but I shrugged it off.

It was thoughtful of him to bring me here and it was really cute how he--wait! What the hell am I saying?! He's a fucking sadist! He's crazy but...he's no crazier than me. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm a masochist. I love pain and, well, this skeleton is so rough with me that... no. Stop thinking that way! He's a god of Death! He could kill with a touch yet he hasn't. Maybe, just maybe, and please don't kill me for this but...

Maybe I might just love him...

Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Enjoy the book so far? Good now um this book is hint of Dirty humor so if you have a very immature mind, you are my people! Also, love all of you who read Book one with Ink x Error! This book is longer given how it has three different parts! CherryBerry, After death, and FreshPaper!

Okay, peace out and stay CrEaTiVe!


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