Don't Judge Me Part 7.

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Today was going good so far and being able to hang out with the girls especially Hailey made me more happy then I already was. Holding her hands was the best feeling in this world and that smile...god that smile just mesmerised me.

Kylie:"We should get going..."She said referring to my nieces who were slowly passing out. I nodded and took Ava from Hailey.

Hailey:"I got her"She said. I shook my head and gave her a small smile. I can't help myself from getting back into old habits with Hailey.

Y/n:"Don't worry...I got them"I said carrying both off them who were slowly falling asleep. We walked back to the car with the girls walking in front of me. We got to the car and the girls got in taking the girls from me.

We drove over to my place and walked in to see my sisters and cousins laughing and drinking. I have Mason a nod telling him that I'll put them to bed. He gave me a small smile making me smile back and walk back up the stairs. The girls followed me making sure I was fine.

I walked to the room near their parents and put them down removing their shoes and covering them up with blankets. I closed the door a little and put the night light on. I walked to my room and saw the girls laying down on my bed making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Tired?"I asked making them nod.

Bella:"Yeah..and you're bed is really comfy right now"She said. I chuckled and nodded.

Y/n:"It's a big bed...we could all sleep her if you want"I said making all of them mumble a yes and a thanks. I walked to my closet and pulled out some sweats for them and myself"Here are some sweats"I said placing it on the chair in my room. They all woke up and gave me small smiles.

Gigi:"Thanks Y/n/n"She said. I nodded and grabbed mines and sighed.

Y/n:"I'm gonna go shower up in Freya's girls can use mines and Hanna's and my parent's... They won't mind"I said making them nod. I showered and changed into my sweats. I walked to my room and saw them all under the covers passed out.

I let out a small laugh and closed the door slowly and switched the light off and slipped under the covers next to Gigi. I laid back and sighed letting my body relax slowly drifting off to sleep.

I woke hearing people talking making me groan and pull someone closer to me. I heard laughs making me pull the person closer. I was always cuddler especially in the mornings and everyone knew it.

Gigi:"Morning sleepy head"She said making me groan and hide my face under the pillow. I heard a cute giggle making me smile a little knowing who it belonged to. Hailey

Bella:"Y/n/n...wake up"She said making me groan louder. I felt weight on my lap making me tense up a little considering I had a bit of situation.

Y/n:"Uh Bells..."I said removing the pillow and looking at her.

Bella:"Relax...just go get read before Abel and them come to pick you up"She said getting off me. I nodded and walked to my bathroom having a cold ass shower and starting my day.

Y/n:"Shit..."I cursed as I remembered that I didn't bring any clothes. I opened the bathroom door a little and saw Hailey sitting on the bed making me clear my throat a little"Uh Hails...could you pass some clothes"I said making her laugh.

Hailey:"Y/n it's nothing I haven't seen before"She said making me chuckle. True. I sighed and walked out with my towel wrapped around me walking to my closet. I changed into some jeans and a shirt and walked out and saw all of them sitting on the bed and then look at me.

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