Don't Judge Me Part 6.

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Everyone kept quite while Y/n froze. I'm pretty sure she didn't know how to tell her nieces that we kinda broke up. Even though that's not what I want. I smiled and nod.

Hailey:"Yes we are"I said making them smile and Y/n looked at me giving me a small smile and mouthing a thank you.

Skyler:"Aww...auntie Y/n/n is in love"She said making Y/n smile and nod. She looked at me and smiled.

Y/n:"I am"She said. They way she looked at me made me swoon over her and fall in love with her more then I thought possible. I fucked up.

Ava:"Auntie Y/n/n can we spend time together?"She asked making Y/n nod and kiss their faces over and over again. They giggled and tried to to push her away making me smile. They way she was with kids made her look so cute and not to mention it looked hot on her.

Y/n:"Hmm okay...go ask mum and dad if it's fine"She said waking up. They ran over to their parent's who chuckled as they explained to them.

Mason:"Sure...just do trouble her"He said. They nodded and squealed running over to Y/n.

Skyler:"They said yes!"She said excited. Y/n chuckled and nodded.

Y/n:"Thought so..."She said. They looked at us and smiled.

Ava:"Auntie Y/n/n can they come?"She asked pointing to us.

Y/n:"I'm sure they have-"

Bella:"We're free Y/n/n...."She said giving her a small smile. Gigi, Kendall and Kylie nodded while Skyler walked over to me.

Skyler:"Are you coming to?"She asked looking up at me. I saw Y/n look down while the girls looked at me waiting for an answer.

Hailey:"Of course!"I said making them both smile big and run off to grab their things. Y/n walked over to me and scratched her neck letting out a nervous laugh.

Y/n:"You don't have to"

Hailey:"I'll I don't mind spending the day with you guys"I said making her smile and nod. They ran over to Y/n who chuckled and caught them and kissed their cheeks.

Y/n'" we can go to the the Santa Monica Pier and then go for ice cream"She said making them nod and smile big.

Ava:"Yes please"She said. Y/n smiled and nodded.

Y/n:"I'm gonna grab my jacket and then we can go..okay?"She said. They nodded and walked over to their parent's. The girls looked at me and smirked.

Kendall:"So..."She said making me roll my eyes but smile.

Hailey:"Don't start!"I said making them put their hands up in defense.

Kylie:"We didn't even say anything"She said. I rolled my eyes at them but then smiled when I thought about Y/n and how she was with her nieces.

Hailey:"I'm pretty sure she's just doing this because of her nieces so don't get to excited"I said making them shake their heads and laugh.

Kendall:"Trust me...she's not"She said making me raise a eyebrow at her.

Hailey:"What-"I was cut off by Y/n walking down and grabbing her wallet and keys while Skyler and Ava ran over to her.

Y/n:"Ready?"She asked. We all nodded and walked out to the car. Y/n frowned and looked at us"Uh will you all be able to fit?"She asked.

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