*16 - The Obsessions of Ravana

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Poet Narada played war songs. Vishnu on his mount, bird Granda, during a grave bitter battled killed Mali, one of the grandfathers. The other two, Malyanan and Sumali pushed into the underworld of water and rocks with the Naga, the snakes. None of the Rakshasas were left on earth. The two brothers hoarded their possession and lived in the underground, hoping to return.

About that time Brahma had a son, born of his mind, Pulastya. He loved quiet and told the naga girls if they made noise to disturb his thinking, they would become pregnant. The daughter of Saga Trinavinda did not hear the curse. When she sang, she became pregnant. Her father Saga Trinavinda knew why and told Pulastya to made him was happy was to take his daughter. She had a son, Vaisharavana, who was a happy child. So happy that Vaisharavana did not breath for 1000 years, Indra the-thousand-eyed God's thrown got hot, and he called Brahma.

Brahma asked Vaisharavana, "After not breathing for a thousand years, what do you want?" His answer was to be generous. So Brahma granted Vaisharavana immortality and gave him all the treasures of the earth to tend as Lord of Wealth. The Yakahas, who were water keepers like the Rakshasas, became the guardians. Vaisharavana also received a mind-driven chariot called Pushpaka from Viswakarman, the Heavenly Architect.

Watching these happen, Malyanan and Sumali were gravely envious that a grandson of Brahma got so many boons.

Then his father Pulastya gave Vaisharavana, now the God of Wealth, the City of Lanka for keeping the treasures saying Lanka was abandoned and needed to be rebuilt. Which made deeper hurts, jealousy, and resentment of the Rakshasas grandfathers, Malyanan and Sumali; Lanka was their home.

Sumali called his daughter, "Kaiaki ,get a son like that." She went to Pulastya while he was in prayer and charms him. Kaikaki became his second wife. She had four babies: Dasagreeve, who became Ravana. The wolves howled when he was born. Giant Kumbhakara, an evil selfish sister, Shurpanakha, who attacked you, and my husband, Vibhishana.

Born at the age of their Rakshasa mother, the brothers were old enough to mediate to attract grandfather Brahma, as did the half-brother, Vaisharavana, who become God of Wealth and immortal.

Just before Ravana cut off his last head, Brahma came and granted Ravana his boons: that no god, celestial being, element or power on earth or in heaven shall overcome him. The humans were just worms, pitiful creatures, not a worry. And when one of his heads or arms severed they grew back.

Brahma gave my husband, Vibhishana, the boon to have Dharma, "May I never forget Dharma in peril, pleasure, comfort, or distraction."

For some reason, the giant Kumbhakarna wanted to sleep for six months.

Later in walking around the hills of Lanka, Ravana met an old Asura god, Maya, who convinced Ravana to married his daughter the Goddess of Illusion, Mandodari, She is a good Queen.

Then his grandfather, Sumali, convinced Ravana to take Lanka from his half-brother, Vaisharavana, the God of Wealth, who surrendered and went to the far North. His father, Pulastya, made him Guard of the North and gave him another palace.

Ravana would not leave his half-bother, Vaisharavana, God of Wealth, alone and went after him in North, sack his city and took the prized Pushpaka, the mind flying chariot, which he used to bring you here.

While flying back, Ravana caught the Mountain of Shiva. Naudi, Shiva's mount came to find why the mount shook, Ravana called him a monkey. Naudi cursed him saying a monkey would be his doom. Shiva kept Ravana under his mountain. Ravana sang, a sama, to be pardoned. Shiva gave him the name, Ravana, the great Singer.

Since, Ravana, with his generals and son, Indrajit took over the Earthly Kingdoms, my husband, Vibhishana, who is a devotee of God Vishnu says this is bad karma.

Sita, I am reminded of the story, on one of his excursion in the Himalayan foothills, Ravana spied a beauty maiden named Vedavati, daughter of a sage. When he approached, she said she was under a vow to marry Vishnu. When Ravana grabbed her hair in abduction, Vedavati cut off her hair and jump into Angi's fire cursing Ravana, "I'll be your death." Ravana goes around mocking this curse. "Sita, you are this maiden."

I bowed my head and said a prayer to Rama.

Trijata continued, Ravana even brags that the heaven poet Narada baited him to challenge the God of Death. The God of Time told Death to leave Ravana alone. Ravana laughs when he tells what God of Death said to him 'Deeds would predict your future.' Then Ravana screams, "I am the Emperor of the great Lanka."

Ravana then went after the Indra, thousand-eyed God, and his Heavenly Palace. In his great angry storm Indra's light blast Sumali and destroyed him. Ravana's son, Megahanada, captured Indra with an illusion and brought Indra to Lanka and put him in prison.

Brahma himself came to rescued God Indra, changing Ravana's son's name to Indrajit's and giving him the boon to be invisible in a chariot drawn by 4 white tigers and to have invisible snakes to bound his enemies.

Alas, Ravana heard the reports of a young man called Rama, the son of Dasaratha, the ruler of Ayodhya, was born. That this son, a human man will destroy Ravana from an old curse by a Rama's great grandfather. But his advisers said if Ravana took you, Sita, Rama would die of a broken heart because he is only a mere human man.

That's why when his demon sister, Shurpanakha, who attacked you, Sita, she told Ravana of your beauty, he was obsessed to have you. That deer was Ravana's uncle, Mareecha, the Magician of Illusion. He led Rama out into the forest, so Ravana could steal you.

Every advisor and my husband said, "No! This is not done, to abduct an earthly woman for greed with the husband still alive will bring doom." He has gone beyond his reason; he thinks he is a mighty, undefinable God, conquered of the three worlds.

Trijata could tell I was exhausted, and tire for the capture and left in the gardens. She hugged me and head tears. Trijatz said, Sita, do not give into that evil Ravana. Never give up hope. I was Rama here."


Sita and her two sons sat in a long silence as the fire burned to embers then cooled into darkness. Valmiki looked into Brahma's bowl then worded, "The demon Ravana had the patience and strength to protect all Creation from harm, but he did the opposite and took worlds."


Sita is beginning of the end for the greedy,

obsessed Daemon Ravana, the Emperor of Lanka.

RING!       RING!     RING!

I tell the long complicated epic adventure as best I can.


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