(Sword Art Online) Asuna Yuuki x Loner! Reader Part 1

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Your P.O.V.

         I sprint down the field as a pack of dire wolves chased after me.  There were 20 of them and they were all, by far, faster then me. I quickly pulled out my twin swords and stopped, turning on my heel and waiting for the attack. I was the only one who could wield two swords at once, but I have heard rumors that there is actually another person. He calls himself Kirito. He is said to be the right-hand man of THE Asuna Yuuki, the second in command of the Knights of Blood.

        Do I believe it? Yes, I do cause I've seen them with my own eyes. Asuna was beautiful with her golden hair and eyes. Everyone in the game that at least knows of her, is in love with her. Back to the fight now. The wolves were right on me and I was slashing each one of their heads off. My level was way higher then even Kirito's. My level was 120 and my hp is 30,000 regenerating ever 2 second with 2,000 hp, but I never boasted. I protect others by hiding in plain sight. I don't want people to treat me different, I won't let it happen.

        I walk away from the wolves as they were destroyed. I've been killing so much I've gotten used to killing. I was always so scared and now.. now I could kill anyone and not have emotions, but I couldn't. If I killed anyone they would die in the real world and I wouldn't have that. As I was in deep thought i ran into someone. I was a few inches taller and a lot stronger than the person. Because of this I stayed up and the person fell over.

        Before the person could fall all the way to the ground, I grabbed ahold of their waist. Because of how slim their waist was I knew it was a girl. I brought her back up so she wouldn't fall when I let her go. Her hands rested on my shoulders and my arms were wrapped around her waist. 

        "Th-thank you," I giggled at how shy she was and slowly let her go causing me to freeze. Right before me was Asuna Yuuki. I slowly stepped back, which obviously got her attention,"What's wrong?"

        I slowly back away and before she could reach out to stop me I dashed off. I went to the only place I knew was safe, the 1 floor, the town of beginning. I knew this place was safe because the Knights of blood were on the fifty-fifth floor. There was no way the second in command would come down here.

       I walked slowly around the market and began to hear heavy, running footsteps. I thought nothing of it and walked into an alley to take a breather. Before I knew it I was on the ground with none other the Asuna Yuuki on top of me.

       "Got ya!," she sounded proud of herself. I tried to push her off, but she wouldn't budge. I soon stopped resisting and she pulled away, but was still on top of me,"You're (y/c/n) aren't you?" I slowly nodded my head as she continued,"I've been wanting to meet you."

        I was confused at what she was saying and even more confused as I felt her soft lips envelope mine in a soft, short kiss. She pulled away, but if either of us move our lips would interlock again. She kept her eyes close and slowly whispered,"I liked you for a long time."

        I smiled hearing that and leaned up kissing her passionately. She immediately kissed back and we later there for what felt like hours kissing. Once we pulled away out of breath she got up, taking my hand, and led me back to her house.

Sorry it took me so long to update. Hope you enjoy.

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