Mr. Collins chose his words carefully as he fiddled mindlessly with his fingers. 

“Chloe, I’d like to talk about your results for the test you did yesterday.” 

I sat in one of the empty leather seats in his small office, wondering why I was here. Is he surprised that I (obviously) got full marks? Does he think that just because Reece always gets the highest score that I’m copying him since we were talking in class yesterday?

“What about it?”

“Well…here’s the thing…” Mr. Collins sighed as if he were in pain, “How do I say this?” He muttered to himself.

“Just say it?” I laughed half-heartedly, even though he was beginning to make me nervous.

He took his glasses off and let out a breath, “Chloe, you failed.”

I looked at him like he belonged in a mental institute. All I could make out was an uneasy laugh. “Haha, good one, Sir. But April Fools passed already." 

“You think I’m lying?”

“Well, duh.” As soon as the words left my mouth, I sat straighter and cleared my throat, “I mean, c’mon, that test was easy for me.”

“I’m afraid your results don’t seem to agree.” Mr. Collins told me. “Here, take a look for yourself.” He said, pushing the papers in front of me.

Sure enough, there was a large, red ‘F’ at the top left corner of the sheet. I turned to the next page and instantly recognized Reece’s handwriting, but with my name on it.

A pissed off smile formed on my lips.

Oh Reece, you are so dead.

“Why are you smiling? I was half expecting you to cry.” Mr. Collins said honestly.

“Just tell me I can re-sit the test, please.” I begged.

“Of course.”

“Thank God. Can I leave now?”

My math teacher looked puzzled, but nodded anyway.

I was half way out the door when I looked back and smiled sadly, “Oh Mr. Collins, I would have killed to see the look on your face when you marked my test.”

“You wouldn’t have liked it.” He assured.

Maybe he was right.

I would have loved it.

I walked out of his office and immediately locked eyes with Reece.

“You’re so dead!” I told him, adding affect by drawing my index finger across my neck.

He laughed, looking amused, “Come at me, Nerd.”

I stared at him, shocked, before I sprinted after him. A retarded battle cry escaped my lips as if I were a Spartan in the (ridiculous) movie, 300.

It took him a whole second to react, turning around and running down the corridors as if his precious life depended on it. I couldn’t stop laughing as he pushed people out of his way and causing some to drop their books and cuss at him.

People made way for me as I dashed past them. I focused on Reece’s back, occasionally admiring how his muscles flexed as he ran in his black shirt.

I mentally slapped myself, now was not the time to check out the guy that made me fail my test.

Reece pushed the school doors with force, as he ran out to the courtyard. I was hot on his heels, only 2-3 meters behind him.