Harry Potter x Sireen Thomas

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Sireen was sitting at the edge of the lake at Hogwarts. She was staring at the beautiful bright winter sky. On the outside she looked very calm, but inside she felt awful. After she had cried all her tears she decided to breath some fresh air. 

You see, yesterday she had found out that her long-term crush, Harry James Potter, had kissed a certain Cho Chang. Sireen wasn't mad at them, at least she tried to tell herself so. Okay, she wasn't mad at Cho, she just lost her boyfriend and was probably very confused, and she couldn't blame Cho either. Harry was very stupidly charming. 

And she really couldn't be mad at Harry either, to be honest. It wasn't his fault that he didn't like Sireen, but that was just her 'Hufflepuffnes' talking. 

She continued to stare at the sky until she couldn't feel her toes and fingertips anymore. She went inside and was met with Dean, her brother. 

"Sireen, were have you been! I couldn't find you anywhere." he said taking a hold of her shoulders. Sireen put on a smile, finding it funny how worrying Dean could be.

"I just went outside to breath in some fresh air. It's very stuffy inside, haven't you noticed?" she chuckled, taking her scarf off. Dean didn't take it for a second.

"And what is the real reason?" he asked crossing his arms. Sireen sighed.

"How do you read me so well?! It's so annoying." Sireen mumbled. Dean laughed and said:

"I know you. It's not that hard after living under the same roof for so long. But you can tell me while we're walking to your common room." he turned around and started walking. Sireen happily followed him, ready to sleep, since it was surprisingly late. Guess she lost the track of time. 

"So, why'd you disappear? I asked all your friends and none of the had seen you around. It's not like you." Dean said, glancing down at his sister walking beside him. Once again, Sireen sighed.

"Do I have to tell you? I mean, you for sure wouldn't like the answer." she said, trying to get Dean to chance his mind. She knew that id she told him about this whole Harry-thing he would go talk to him instantly. And that is the last thing she wanted. 

"I would like to know. You seem upset about something and I don't like that." he answered, looking all worried, which Sireen didn't like. 

"Ugh, fine." Sireen gave in and continued. "There's this boy I really like." Sireen started, but stopped sensing how tense Dean grew instantly, but continued on. "Yesterday I found out that he had kissed this one girl. I'm not mad or anything, but it just hurt." 

Dean was still very tense, not sure how to react. He looked down at Sireen, who was staring at her shoes. "Do you want me to talk to him...?" Dean asked.

"No, no, no! In the name of Merlin, no!" Sireen quickly said stopping on her tracks. Dean stopped too. "That would only make it worse. I appreciate your concern for me, but there's no need to take any act." she continued. Dean smiled, patting her head.

"Okay. I won't do anything. You're a strong gal, you got this." he said. Sireen didn't understand.

"Just like that? You aren't going to do anything?" she asked, not sure if to believe him. Dean chuckled.

"Yup. But won't you look at that, we're here. Go warm up, I'll see you tomorrow." Dean said, patted Sireen on her shoulder and walked away. Sireen just stood there for a minutes. He gave up? Sireen wasn't sure if that was the truth, but didn't want to think about that right now. She tapped the barrels and went down the stairs. 

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