Mr. Answers - Nico Rosberg

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Nico is the best boyfriend ever! But he's also the weirdest human being I've ever knew in my entire life. But still I love how many sarcastic and funny answers he has for everything, anything, believe me.

"The hell have you put this stupid German ass at?" I asked furious getting home.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Where the f#ck have you been?" I asked hiding my anger behind my low voice." I've been calling and texting your stupid ass the whole day! And now answer cause i wanna fight you!"

"Sorry darling. I've been busy all day with the team. Im so sorry!" I rolled my eyes leaving to our room. " are you mad at me?"

"Guess Guess!" I said ironically taking off my shoes!"

"I'm sure you still love me!" He leans in the door while I massage my feet.

"Oh really and why is that?"

"You know what they say honey, Big D game strong!" I looked at him shocked shaking my head.

"Just shut up!" He chuckled getting closer. "So, what's up?"

"My Dick!"

"Jesus Nicolas why the hell you have to turn everything like this!"

"I'm sorry I had to!" He kissed my cheek and leave me alone to take my shower and take some rest.

Almost an hour later I was laying in our bed with my eyes closed just relaxing.

"Baby!" He asked and then I felt him sitting somewhere near me. "I love looking at you like this. You seem so angelical...." I smiled with the eyes closed, he could be a cutie when he wanted to.

"Love you!" I said and he squeezed my thighs and then started massaging my feet.

"You know honey, there are actually 22 letters in the alphabet."

"26 honey, 26!" I kept my eyes closed because the massage was very good.

"Oh yeah... I think I forgot J,L,M."

"Still not 26."

"Ah don't worry honey. You'll get the D later!"

"OMG!" I open my eyes and he smirked! "Why you do this to me!" I got up and went to our living room while he followed behind casually hugging me... I knew it wasn't over... it was only starting.

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