A Favour

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(A preview for Third Wheel, explicit version. Enjoy!)

Later that night, Cassis's phone buzzed with a text from Aria. A few minutes later, the dark-haired girl was being let in by the blonde, and the two girls were heading up to Cassis's bedroom.

Aria slipped into the ensuite bathroom to shower while Cassis continued where she left off with math; Natalia had sent her home with problems to work out as practice, as she hadn't yet fully understood the concepts. The younger brunette always went above and beyond when helping Cassis; the notes and examples she wrote were color coordinated.

Cassis failed to notice the older brunette return until she pulled the textbooks away, closing them and placing them off to the side of the blonde's nighstand. The junior looked up to find Desman completely bare, her skin clean and naked. Her face, normally all made up in her art of cosmetics, was clear. Her long, dark hair was braided down the side of her neck. Aria climbed over Cassis, slowly placing her knees up on the bed on either side of the blonde. The brunette captured the wealthy heiress's face in her palms and brought her lips near, tilting her head slightly. Her lips lingered a mere inch away.

"Aria.." Cassis whispered, placing her hand upon the front of Aria's torso. Aria dipped in to tug at her bottom lip with her teeth. Cassis's eyelids fluttered closed for a moment in arousal. "Aria, you know she didn't know. She didn't mean-"

"Shhh..... Just kiss me." The barista's voice held her gentle, alluring heart, though her eyes could not hide her pain. Natalia may not have known her words would hurt Aria, but to Aria, they were her honest thoughts, and that hurt more.

Cassis's gaze flickered across the older girl's face. Slowly, she accepted the brunette's pain and suffering, and pulled her lips against her own.

The older girl gave herself into the kiss, sharing herself with the blonde. Cassis accepted the brunette's passion and emotion with her lips. Aria's hands roamed over the bonde's body, tugging here and there at clothing, resting upon her breasts. Cassis's shirt was unbuttoned until it fell open. Her skin was soft and smooth beneath Aria's hand, her muscles defined, yet feminine. The brunette artist's lips molded against the soft shape of the blonde's, sculpting the younger girl's body into a figure of rising desires; Cassis's knee rose between Aria's thighs as her chest inflated with the beginnings of arousal. Aria's kiss spoke of hidden need. Cassis, knowing the artist's emotions like the back of her hand, pulled the dark-haired girl close.

She took Aria's hands; the artist had long, thin fingers, skilled in various arts. Her long, slender body hovered above the blonde as Cassis held the brunette's face, looking up into her eyes. Her deep, brown eyes conveyed more than words could; Cassis understood her, understood that the older girl merely wished to be loved. Her heart ached for Aria, though she knew she'd never love the older girl, for she was in love with Natalia Parker.

Cassis ran her fingers through Aria's dark, silky tresses, freeing them from their long braid. Aria closed her eyes, her heart yearning for the blonde's love as her hair was pulled gently over her shoulder by the dance captain's hands. Though she knew Cassis felt nothing romantic for her, merely lust, Aria could not help but love her.

Cassis's gentle hands held the older dancer's face. The blonde's lips parted slowly, her eyes closing, as she raised her face to Aria's. The brunette's lips molded against the blonde's in a slow, sensual kiss. Hands found bare skin. Cassis's clothing began to come off, her shirt being pushed up and tugged over her golden curls. Breasts met breasts, nipples rubbing with the movement of the girls' kisses.

An airy rumble came from the artist at the feel of their breasts pressed together. Her lips trailed hotly towards Cassis's neck, her core pressed down upon the blonde's. The dance captain spread her clothed legs, pulling the brunette towards her roughly with them. An abrupt noise escaped the brunette artist, and she pressed herself closer, slowly moving her hips against the blonde's.

Cassis's hands slid up along Aria's bare back, then down to her waist. She then expertly turned the tables, claiming the dominant position above the seductive artist. The blonde tugged at Aria's earlobe with her teeth, then trailed a line of hot kisses down the side of her neck. Aria's breathing became heavy, her eyes closing in her arousal. Her hands felt about for the blonde's nicely sized breasts, massaging them with skill, teasing the nipples with her thumbs. The blonde nipped lightly beneath Aria's jaw, close to her ear. Cassis rocked her hips against Aria's slowly, merely teasing her through her own sweatpants.

Aria, wanting more, reached for the dance captain's waistband. Cassis, however, snatched up her hands, taking them and pinning them above her head. Her lustful blue eyes held the gaze of the brown ones, commanding them. Aria bit her lower lip seductively, tempting the younger girl as she lied beneath her.

"Fuck me," Desman ordered airily, daring Cassis to continue. Cassis, quirking an eyebrow in response, lowered her face to the brunette's right breast. Aria let out a moan as Cassis took her nipple into her mouth. Her tongue swirled about the darkness, laving at it, pushing at the hard little nub. Aria's body arched in pleasure, and she grasped at the blonde's pillows above her.

Slowly, sensually, the blonde kissed further down, her lips raising the sensation of desire from with the artist's core. A hand buried itself into golden twirls as Cassis's tongue teased the artist's navel. Aria grew moist between her thighs, anticipating the pleasure that was to come by way of the blonde's mouth.

Cassis trailed the tip of her tongue from the artist's bellybutton down the mound, until she reached the soft, moist bud. She took a long, slow lick, throwing Aria's body further into its slim arch. The brunette's wet folds were teased open, Cassis's tongue touching them, teasing them, caressing them. She placed her full mouth upon Aria's sex, receiving a deep moan of desire in return. Cassis, revelling in the older girl's noises of appreciation, dipped her tongue into the folds, pushing down through to the warm, pink bud. Aria's sex quivered in pleasure, hormones beginning to claim their throne over her body.

Aria gripped the girl's golden locks in her left hand, knotting her fingers into them. Cassis teased the girl's entrance, causing Aria's eyes to close once more in ecstacy.

Cassis glanced up at the writhing girl, a look of lust evident in her blue eyes. In a low, husky rumble, she uttered her friend's name. "Desman..." she murmured, before lowering her head once more to attack the girl's sex with heated kisses, licks, and nips to tease. She tugged at the outer lips, and swirled her skillful tongue around the brunette's entrance. Aria's hips jerked up towards the blonde's face, giving the blonde a better angle. Cassis rounded her arms around Aria's legs, holding them open. Airy moans of appreciation and desire left the lips of the seductress as Cassis lapped at her pussy, devouring the wetness that spilled from her sex. She dipped her tongue into the opening, pressing against Aria's inner walls, rubbing at them heatedly. She moaned against her, sending vibrations down along her own tongue.

Aria's knees bent under the pleasure, raising. She held the blonde's head to her pussy, pushing her hips up. Her body arched, her head thrown back, her nipples erect. "Fuck.. Cassis!" She cried blissfully, her voice sultry and breathless. Cassis's teeth grazed her skin as she sucked on the older girl's nub, licking along it fast. Her tongue flicked across the brunette's sensitive bud as she reached up to grasp her friend's breast. Aria gripped the pillow, her feelings and hormones taking over her core. Moans spewed from her lips as Cassis brought her up to her higher place, sending her over the edge of sexual ecstacy. "Cassis..!" she moaned airily, her head lost in the haze of lust as she climaxed.

Cassis slowed her tongue as her friend-with-benefits calmed, her sex pulsing rapidly below her lips. When the brunette came down from her high, Cassis climbed over her, collapsing next to her on her back. The two girls turned to their left, Aria spooning Cassis from behind. Aria slipped her arm over the blonde's bare waist and scooted in closer, pressing her lips to the back of the dancer's shoulder. Placing a soft kiss, she whispered, "Thank you."

The two settled, drifting off to sleep together.

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