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Angela's POV

'HEY ANGELA! WAKE UP! WERE MOVING!!!' Reece danced and jumped up and down on my bed while banging a wooden spoon in a pan. i swear he looks so much like a monkey right now.

'i'm up! you know fun fact you can be my alarm clock. i would love to hit your head multiple times i promise. and aren't you upset that we're leaving mum,dad and lexie behind?' i asked him with sadness written all over my face.

'no they're actually proud of us' he stated. you know i love him but i hate it when he is like this. we can't leave our family for america like that. i mean yes. i like touring with my brother but this is something different. we're actually moving. and we can come back in holidays only or in emergency.

'HEY! earth to angela.' reece said knocking me out of my train of thoughts.

'oh hey! get out of my room now i'm gonna get ready' i said and he got out. and i ran into my closet to find a lazy outfit because hello? were gonna go to the airport so i'm gonna get comfy. i put on some maroon sweater and a pair of leggings and put my hair into a lazy bun. i don't wanna wear make up cause we're just gonna go to the airport that's just a waste of time. to be more truthful, i'm just lazy. i got down with my luggage and saw george, reece, blake.

'Finally!the princess finished to pick out her outfit.' reece said.

'yeah' blake said but in a shock tone.

'dude!' reece said. george just laughed and took my luggage and puts it in the trunk.

'i'll miss you mum' i said to mum.

'you too dad' i hug them both and found my way to lexie.

'be a good girl ok?' i kissed her forehead.

'are you coming back?' she asked.

'yes baby soon' i said.

' i'll miss you. take care ok' i said to her and she hugged me once more. i got up and walked with george to the van. then blake started to film. oh typical blake.

'hey guys so we're on our way to the airport and this is gonna be fun' along with reece and george in his camera.

'and that beautiful young lady there is coming with us.' he said pointing to me. i blushed a bit and wave to the camera.

'hey guys! i'm really excited' i said as i put my arm around blake's neck coming up to him. he did smell good though. that perfume.

'cant wait to see you there guys.' he waved at the camera. and turned it off. 'so who's my seatmate on the plane' asked blake.

'Angela' Reece and george said at the same time.

'are you twins?!' i said. they just laughed. we arrive at the airport and checked in the airline's desk. and gathered our luggage and go to the security area. and waited at the departure for our plane to board.

'flight BA2490 now boarding. passengers, please proceed at gate 5' The boys and i stood up and proceed at the gate. we got into the plane and as the two monkeys said. i'm sitting next to blake, yey (insert sarcasm) Blake and i found our seats

'window sit, who wins this rock,paper,scissors!' i said rambling and putting my fist up to him.

'oh please i'm not like your brother and george. you can have the window seat. i know you want it' he said setting aside my fist. What a gentleman. we're not really close unlike george cause reece don't want me talking to him. i don't know why though. i got into the window seat and blake sat beside me.

Blake's POV

Angela's so cute when she's rambling. i actually like her for a long time now. but reece won't let me talk to her. he's so overprotective when it comes to his sisters. especially if it's boys. soon, angela fell asleep so i put her head on my shoulder and let her sleep. Reece on the other side is glaring at me i just ignored it and fell asleep with Angela. you know, i've been touring for a long time but let me say this to you. this is the best plane ride ever. Having the girl of my dreams in my arms is a dream come true. i hope reece will let me asked her out.

'please put your seatbelt back on we're landing in a couple of minutes.' the steward said.
'hey angela wake up. hey' i said while shaking her lightly. she shifted in her seat.

'five minutes monkey she said. now i know who wake her up in the morning.

'Hey Angela...It's not reece, it's blake' i said. she instantly shot up. 'oh blake i'm sorry i called you a monkey. and how did you know monkey is my nickname for reece?' she asked.

'oh i just heard it when he's waking you up. and it's supposed to be mom right? and that nickname is perfect cause he is a monkey.' i said laughing. she laughed too. it's so cute.

'now buckle up we're landing.' she buckled her seatbelt up. the plane lands and we got out and carry our luggage to the car that's waiting for us. angela is the first one to got up and i got up too but reece pushed me while glaring at me. what's wrong with him? it's his idea to make me sit with his sister. we got to the house and we picked rooms i pick the room across from angela and unpacked. i swear reece is mad at me right now but i don't regret every single one of it. he's over reacting. i hate it.

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