Chapter Two: Kaisa

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“Scouter X-9820. Message IZ. Self-message. I am merely making this message to pass the time… I am at least thirty minutes from the planet. Perhaps it is where I can finally acquire the rumored magical crystal balls I have spent the last five years seeking. Perhaps I can also find some answers to the gaps in my memory from my early years. I’ve heard rumors of them being held on the planet Ecolan. I have also heard of a couple of rogue Namekians on the planet. If I don’t find them, I may as well just destroy that worthless pile of dirt. It will serve no purpose for me. Kaisa, signing out. I have 28 minutes before descension.”

The only part of my early life I could remember is being in a dark red room, surrounded by green creatures with red eyes. Then a voice on the intercom.

“Fight them, if you wish to survive… or die like the spineless monkey you are… your choice.”

That was the voice that would forever haunt my dreams. The person who was talking on the intercom was Frieza. A warlord, one with no morals.

The creatures, whom I was later told were Saibamen, came at me one by one. And one by one, I crushed them. I broke one’s neck, blasted one’s head off, and completely decimated the rest of them. Apparently, that was the moment that would define my entire life from then on. I was assigned a variety of missions to  complete, people to kill, and planets to destroy. Despite it all, though, there’s still a certain something that’s… missing. Something I couldn’t name. When I turned 15, I was assigned my first team… it was barely worth my time. They were untrained, uncoordinated, and insubordinate. I had to choke one of them to death to show that I would either lead them, or they would die under my grasp. The warlord Frieza had grown more powerful, with a level of over 750,000 in his base form. I heard rumors of other forms that he may hold. I also heard that he planned to destroy me, and any of my Saiyan comrades that managed to survive extinction.

Three years later, those rumors, which turned out to be my worst fears, came to fruition. Frieza’s lackeys destroyed us with ease, and even ripped off my arm. I was lucky to escape, and to get a robotic arm replacement. I fled, traveling from planet to planet in search of the glass spheres decorated with stars, which, when combined, could summon a being that could grant any wish imaginable.  Over time, I was able to transform into a Super Saiyan, although I don’t think that will be enough. Perhaps these “Dragon Balls” -- as they are called -- may provide me with what I am missing. All I know is… ultimate power is the only thing thing I’m looking for right now, and that is how I will finally end Frieza’s wretched life. Then I can rule the universe with an iron fist. Perhaps that may be what I’m missing. Perhaps I may even destroy it, just for fun.

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