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I can dance and play the part...

I can dance and play the part

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Ana sat in her room as a knock on her door sounded, creeping down the stairs she opened the door to reveal Bella. "Oh, my god, Bella! You're going to freeze, get in here!" She exclaimed quietly as she dragged the brunette to her room.

As the two sat down on her bed Bella was still sitting in shock. "What's up, Bells? Talk to me." Ana said as she rested a hand upon the brunettes shoulder. Bella sighed and held up a few pieces of paper that had been dampened by the rain.

"The Cullens. They - They - Just read it!" Bella exclaimed as she stood up and ran a hand through her hair. The brunette stalked around the room whilst Ana read the pages. As each page went on, the more Ana was confused.

"Bells, you cannot be serious. Vampires, really?" Ana felt bad saying that but it was the truth, in the real world Vampires didn't exist but Bella was seemingly too caught up in the fictional. "I'm being serious! Think about it, they're freezing and they talk like they're from another time and - and - when have you ever seen them eat something?"

The way Bella was putting it made a lot of sense. Ana had noticed both times she had her hand on Jasper it sent shivers up her spine, the way he called her 'M'am' like they did in the olden days but one thing didn't add up. They ate when she was at their house.

"Bells, I've seen them eat before. I was invited to their house near when I first moved." Bella shook her head and pointed to a piece of paper. "They can't eat, they must've thrown it up or something, or pretended to eat."

Ana sighed but nodded as she walked Bella to the front door. "I'll see you tomorrow, we can discuss this on the way to school." Bella nodded as she walked outside but quickly turned to wave. Ana walked back up the stairs but didn't expect Paul in her room when she got back up. "What the hell are you doing?!" She hissed as she closed her door and crossed her arms. Paul had a smug grin on his face as he raised an eyebrow.

"Told you if you didn't text me back that I'd give you a visit." Ana gave a low growl and shoved hm. "Leave! I swear I will text you tomorrow but not tonight, Paul, I don't need you on my back with everything else."

Paul sighed but reluctantly nodded. "Can I have a hug at least? I travelled from the reservation." Ana rolled her eyes but gave the boy a hug quickly. Paul gave a sweet smile before jumping out of the window. Ana stared down in panic that he would hurt himself but was shocked when Paul got straight back up and started running.


Ana stood outside of the Cullen household, Bella had dropped her off on the way to school. Jasper walked out of the door and approached her with a cautious look on his face. "What did you want to talk about, Anastasia? I thought you said we weren't friends."

"We aren't friends, Jasper. But I know your little secret, your family's secret." Jasper stared at the girl for any indication that she was lying. Jasper knew that Ana had found out about his family and himself being Vampires somehow.

"I need you to come with me, Anastasia. We need to talk." Ana shook her head as she placed her hands on her hips. "No, how do I know you won't kill me?" Jasper let out an exhausted sigh as he took a step towards Ana.

"Because I won't hurt someone I care about, someone who... just come on." He whined as he leant his hand out towards Ana. Again the brunette shook her head. "Jasper Hale, you will tell me right here and right now if I'm right."

Reluctantly Jasper nodded his head and shoved his hands into his pockets. "Why - Why didn't you tell me you were - a vampire?" Jasper winced at the words but looked dead into her chocolate brown eyes.

"You cannot tell anyone or I will slaughter you myself." He threatened which only made a small smile fall onto Ana's face. "Well Bella told me, so why don't you go slaughter her." A laugh fell from her lips from the sentence. "I can't, Edward would slaughter me." Jasper let a smile grow on his face as he watched the girl in front of him laugh.

Eventually Ana stopped laughing and looked up to meet Jasper's eye. "I'm sorry, can we be friends now that I know? You really do amuse me Jasper Hale." Jasper gave a firm nod with a ghost of a smile upon his lips.

"Aren't you scared?" He asked as he let a half smile grow on his face. Ana nodded and took a step forward, Ana was scared - petrified. "I am scared - petrified. But my curiosity is greater than my fear, and I know you won't hurt me."


The next day was basically Ana just watching Bella fix up her truck since the accident. "Are you going to help or just watch?" Ana laughed at Bella's words and ran a hand through her hair, Bella sighed.

"Me? Help? Come on Bella, you have to know me better than that by now." Ana laughed as Bella groaned but she soon stopped laughing when she spotted the familiar Volvo that Edward drove. The car pulled up but made no noise, Edward winked at Ana to keep her mouth shut.

The vampire jumped on top of Bella's truck then jumped off nearly scaring Bella to death. Ana laughed at the reaction but let it drop into a smile as Jasper got out of the car a few seconds after. "Jasper." Ana smiled as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. Jasper took a bow with a smug grin on his face. "Milady." Ana laughed and let a grin fall over her face from Jasper. Ana shook her head as she turned to listen in on Edward and Bella.

"So, dinner at my place? Seven O'clock?" He asked Bella then slowly turned to Ana with a questioning look. "Bella and I will be there, don't worry." Edward nodded as Bella spoke up.

"A house, full of vampires? Sounds like trouble to me." Bella murmured but nodded anyway, it was obvious how infatuated Bella was with Edward and the same goes for him. "Oh please, I know you would love too. We'll definitely be there, pick us up here at seven."

Edward nodded but paused, his head quickly flickered down the road where a faint sound of a car was coming. "Edward, what's wrong?" Bella asked as she tried to take a look down the road. Edward shook his head and shot Jasper a glance. "Complications, we'll get you later."

As soon as Edward and Jasper pulled away, Jacob and Billy pulled up outside of Bella's.  Jacob helped Billy out then strolled over to us. "Good afternoon Bella, Ana." Ana gave a small wave to Jacob and his father.

"Here, Billy, let me help." Ana jogged over to the man in the wheelchair and slowly started pushing him down the pavement. "Thank you Ana." Billy said as he held some items on his lap. Bella was still engrossed in chat with Jacob as they walked behind Ana and Billy.

"So, why were the Cullens here?" Billy asked, Ana sighed as she took a quick glance at Bella. Billy turned his head and waited for an answer. "We're all working on a group project in Biology? Bella, Edward, Jasper and I."

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