Dinner options - Daniel Ricciardo

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It was Monday and he was back home.
We don't see each other for almost one month, and now it was time to spend more time together. It was funny that we stayed so much time away from each other, but our relationship was the same, only much stronger and him of course more dirty minded every single day.

"Baby, what you want for dinner today?" I asked after giving him a kiss while he watched a random program.

"I'd love to eat you Love!"

"I can't believe you've said that!" I turned around holding my laugh.

"Ah shit! My brain autocorrect is broken, I mean Hi love... I would love to have Chinese food! And you!"

"You need to stop doing this Dan!"

"I'm sorry love, but teasing you is what am best at." He smirked hugging me from behind. "Now we can solve this upstairs if you want!" He said every single word in a slow pace in my ear. I shook my head while he took my hand to take me to our room...

"I see you want your dinner ealier!"

"I can eat twice you know!" I smirked when he frowned pretending to be offended. "I Love you!"

"I Love you much more!"

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