27- More Problems

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Percy's PoV:

After we safely got inside the corridor, I made a boulder rise up from the earth to block the entrance to the corridor from the arena. It was harder than usual since the corridor was tiled and the labyrinth had its own mind but Briares helped me with his other ninety nine hands. After doing the hardwork, we sat down and Briares put Rachel beside me.

"P-percy..." I looked at the half awake Rachel. "W-what happened?"

"I'll explain later. Take some rest first." Then I turned to Briares.

"What were you doing with that monster, Briares?"

"S-she was my jailer... I thought I could never escape again... M-my brothers have faded..." He stuttered. Then he looked at me in the eyes. It made me have vertigo because all fifty faces were looking at me. "It was the fault of our Titan brother." He said fiercely. I noticed that he said 'our Titan brother'. Seems like I have another brother who apparently has a hundred hands and fifty faces. I felt that by Titan brother, he's talking about Kronos.

"You could come with us, you know. I have something to settle with that Titan brother of ours too. Do you want to?" He thought for a while and then nodded. I smiled. "We should rest for now and then continue." I leaned against the wall and let the power of the earth heal me. I was going to close my eyes when I heard voices and footsteps. "Not again..." I groaned and stood up. Briares also stood up but he had to crouch since he was too big.

"Guys, I smell something." I heard a familiar voice. Then two humans and a satyr appeared from the other end of the corridor. Briares was going to attack them but I stopped him.

"Briares, stop! I know them!" He backed away.

"Perce!" Luke hugged me fiercely. Behind him was Grover and Clarisse. Grover was still pale because of Briares.

"Luke..." I gagged. "It hurts..."

"Oh... Sorry. Hehe." He smiled apologetically. "But Percy, what are you doing with a hundred handed one and a mortal?" He glanced at Rachel and Briares.

"I should also ask you that. But, it's a long story. Let's sit down first." We sat in a circle while Briares sat on guard. "First of all, this is Rachel and that is Briares." I introduced my companions.

"Wait! That is the Briares?!" Grover said, amazed. I nodded and took out the golden scroll which was amazingly still in my pocket.

"This scroll led me to Rachel and I think it's because I'll need her help in the labyrinth. She is a clear sighted mortal." I explained. "After we came here, we met Pan." I looked at Grover. "Then, we almost got to Artemis too..." I gritted my teeth. I noticed that the others turned pale, maybe since my aura got powerful and dark. I forced myself to calm down and continue. "Then I met a demigod here who was talking to a ghost too." I saw Luke narrow his eyes. "After that, when we stopped to rest, Briares and his jailer Kampê came upon us and took us to the arena of Antaeus. I fought both Kampê and Antaeus there and we barely managed to escape if Rocky didn't help."

"Woah. If you fought Kampê who even Zeus is afraid of, that's amazing." Clarisse said. I was surprised to even here the daughter of Ares speak.

"Who's Rocky, anyway?" Grover asked.

"Well from the name, you can guess that is a creature who looks like a rock. It's my friend. Helps me when I'm in trouble." I put it simply. I looked at Luke who had a serious look on his face. "What's wrong, Luke?" He looked at me.

"Who was that demigod you met?" He asked me.

"He said his name was Nico." The trio's eyes widened.

"Did he tell you anything else?"

"He said he was the son of Hades too." Luke slammed his fist on the ground.

"He's the one! Was he with a girl?" I nodded.

"He was with a girl but she was a ghost. He said it was her sister, Bianca." He frowned.

"It must have been before he kidnapped Thalia..." I frowned.

"What happened back in Camp? Tell me everything."

"I brought that jerk, Nico, to Camp since I found him while I was coming back from my quest. Since I had to talk to Chiron about something important, we left Nico with Thalia in the living room of the Big House so that Nico could see the orientation powerpoint. When we went back, the two of them were not anymore there. Since he is a son of Hades, he must have shadow traveled out of camp. After that, Grover came and we had a little meeting with the Council of Cloven Elders." I looked at Grover to see him chewing on his reed pipe. Something must also have happened there.

"What happened there, Grover?"

"The council didn't believe me and wanted to take back my searcher's license. They wanted proof that Pan actually died. My only hope is your word Percy." He looked like he was going to cry. Another problem on top of everything.

"I'll help you, Grover. But first, we'll need your help with the problems at hand." He nodded. I turned back to Luke. "Did you go to Olympus?" Luke nodded.

"Yes. Chiron and I told them everything. Seemes like they were clueless of everything that was happening until we came. Zeus ordered me to lead a quest to rescue Thalia." I sighed.

"Of course they would be clueless. And now, we have to rescue his two daughters while he just sits on his throne, throwing a tantrum."

"Yeah... That's why I hate the Olympians." I threw a sharp glance at him. I'm the 13th Olympian so when people expressed their feelings about the 'Olympians' I would be included too. He gulped. "Uhm... Except you of course. Well anyway..." He changed the topic. "After getting back to camp, we did a full search of the whole island. As I said, he couldn't have shadow traveled very far and after shadow traveling, he would have to rest to regain his energy so we suspected that he would just be in the island." Luke looked at me with dead seriousness. "And we found something interesting." He took something out of his pocket and showed it to me. It was the figurine of Hades that I gave to Nico.

"That is the figurine I gave to Nico!" I sat up straight. My body did not ache that much since I was healing myself.

"We found it near Zeus' fist. We searched all around the place but we couldn't find them. But then, I noticed that the greek letter, Delta (Δ), was engraved on the rock. When I touched it, it glowed blue and the ground under me opened and I fell. That's when I realized that I was in the labyrinth. Luckily, I found a way to get out and I told Chiron about it. We suspected that Nico could have used the labyrinth to escape, so the three of us entered the labyrinth the next day. So far, we had no lead." I slowly nodded.

"We should go back the way you came since it's a dead end, literally, here." I looked at Rachel. She looked a little better than before. "Rachel, can you walk now?" She nodded. "We should continue now then."

"Guys, I smell something again." Grover sniffed the air.

"What is it this time, Grover?" Clarisse asked.

"It's them." His eyes widened.

Word Count: 1279 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: May 17, 2017
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