25- Antaeus' Arena

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Percy's PoV:

I was really sick of ugly people calling me 'brother'. I don't even know who my real parents are and 'brothers' are popping up everywhere. For gods' sake, is my mom or dad a prostitute? Anyway back to my hopeless situation...

"Who even are you?" I asked him.

"I'm Antaeus, the favorite son of Poseidon." He told me proudly and the crowd roared. I remembered how Triton also said that he is Poseidon's favorite son. Too much assuming people really. When I get back, if I get back, I'm gonna ask Poseidon how he got an avocado for a kid and who really is his favorite child. Antaeus gestured to Kampê and she forced Briares to go up and sit on the seats. Rachel was still unconscious and in Briares' giant hand.

"What do you want?" I asked Antaeus.

"Some entertainment, of course." He sat back down. "Entertain me and I even might let you go." He didn't sound serious at all.

"So, you want me to fight? Fine. But remove these chains off me first." He flicked his hand and the chains disappeared. But, I was still drained so I used the earth to gain some strength back. "Who's my first opponent?" He smiled wickedly.

"Kampê!" Antaeus boomed out and the crows roared. Kampê flew down from the spectator seats to the battle ground. I was filled with horror of fighting that thing but I didn't let it show and summoned Riptide. Infact, my throat was dry and Riptide felt too heavy in my hand. I'm sure even Zeus would have been afraid of fighting Kampê head to head and would have peed in his pants. By looking at the hissing snakes on her head and the monstrous belt which was constantly changing, I could tell that she was excited to flay me alive. I tried to think of a plan that would help me fight her but it seemed like all my brain cells have died at just the thought of fighting that monster. "Ready, brother?" Antaeus smiled at me wickedly. I got into my fighting stance and glared at him hard for casually calling me 'brother'. "Let the battle begin!" At that, Kampê charged at me.

She threw her whip at me so fast that I didn't even have a chance to dodge it. It hit me on the side and threw me across the arena to the wall, making the crowd roar. I felt a sharp pain in my chest and my side also burned. My vision tinged green and it came to my mind that the whip might have been coated with poison. I forced myself to stand up since Kampê was making her way to me. Now, she had two scimitars that were smoking in her hands. I did not have Riptide with me since it flew out of my hand when she hit me with the whip.

"Give up already little god?" Kampê hissed at me. I gave her a look that could burn down a mortal.

"Don't call me little." Her insult gave me enough strength to use my powers. I made my signature fist of earth again and punched her in the jaw with enough strength to send her flying to a cyclops who was seated on the highest row of seats. The crowd jeered at me but I ignored them. My chest flared again so I used the couple of seconds I bought to heal myself using the earth even though it was slow. I didn't get my eyes off Kampê, though. When she landed on the cyclops' lap, she roared and punched the poor cyclops in the eye. Then she flew down like a rocket at me with her scimitars. I just had enough time to see the damage I did to her face, which made her more ugly, and melt into the earth and solidify on the other side of the arena. It was a miracle that she did not crash to the wall because of the speed she flew down and turned immediately to face me. On the other hand, melting into the earth had given a boost to the mending of my ribs but the poison was still burning my side. The poison made it hard to see and I was lucky I was a god because if not I would have died already. But the mad expression on Kampê's face was very easy to see.

"You pest!" She ran at me with her giant dragon legs and was going to give me a taste of her scorpion tail when I got an idea. I smirked.

"Pest, huh?" I blew fire out of my mouth, like a dragon, with the force of a rocket that stopped Kampê midway and fried her and the monster spectators at her back from head to toe. I gagged after doing it because my throat was also fried. I really regret doing that.  An over fried and black Kampê roared and charged at me. I felt Riptide in my pocket so I took it out and when she came close, I thrust it into her abdomen. A bear head snapped at me and I avoided it at the last minute. But I failed to avoid her scimitar which she stabbed in my stomach. I fell to my knees. The wound was bleeding nonstop and was also smoking. I had so much poison in my body now that all of my body burned so much and I felt like vomiting. Since I could not move, she sent me flying to the other side of the arena again with her scorpion tail, scratching my chest with its poisonous sting in the process. Now I had more poison in my system and my chest burned. I felt so weak that I could not stand up. The crowd was cheering for Kampê like crazy as she slowly made her way to me.

"Any last words, weakling? Because this will be the end of you and your friends." At the mention of friends, I came back to my senses. So much anger and adrenaline bubbled inside me that my vision turned red from green.

"My last words? Look down." A column of earth on where she was standing rose up so fast and slammed her to the very high ceiling, squashing her like a bug. Just as it rose up, it went back down fast and Kampê fell to the ground hard. I stood up with all my remaining strength and grew in size. I looked down to see Kampê try one last time to stab me but I embedded Riptide in her chest where her heart should be. The once terrifying monster which I turned to a black squashed bug disintegrated. The crowd started jeering and throwing things at me.

"Brother, that was not very nice of you." I turned my attention to Antaeus. He did not speak throughout my fight with Kampê which was strange.

"I entertained you, so let us go." I gave a death glare to him. He shook his head.

"I don't think so, brother." He spread his arms. "The crowd is not very happy. I don't think you have entertained them enough."

"I don't care about the crowd. Now let us go!" My aura turned dangerously red. He stood up and got a spear.

"Let's make a deal, then." His wicked smile was back. "If you manage to defeat me, I'll let you go." Something seemed off but I had no other choice.

"Swear on the River Styx!" The phrase just came into my mind, so I said it. And it seemed like if I made him say it, he will have to keep the deal.

"I swear on the River Styx." I heard faint thunder. Even though he swore on the River Styx, his smile made me suspicious and uneasy. He steadied his spear and got into position. "So should we start with the fun now?" My adrenaline rush was starting to wear off and the poison was starting to weaken me again but one good thing was that my other injuries have already healed. I mustered all my strength for the fight and tightened my grip on Riptide.

"Let's start." I looked at Antaeus with grim determination and he gave me a small smile.

"Let the battle begin!" And he charged at me with his spear.

Word Count: 1400 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: May 10, 2017
A/N: Sorry for not updating for so long guys. I lacked inspiration. But since I finished the Insurgent book yesterday, I got motivated to write this chapter lol. Part two will be up soon. Thank you for the 18K reads and votes and comments too! Keep on supporting this book guys! Until the next chap!

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