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.. And then the princess got her magic wand and smashed the ugly ogre. Sending him across the field. Then mummy and daddy came and took Princess Aynah home. To her little castle"  The familiar voice whispered, echoing across my ears followed by a chorus of giggles.

Groaning, I tried opening my eyes wanting to see past through the blinding light. Wanting to make out the figure. Stretching I could feel my eyes open slowly, landing on the most handsome man I've ever seen.

His strong arms holding a chubby toddler, who laughed continuously, her bottom two teeth showing. A grin plastered his features, as he kissed the toddler holding her high up. Causing the girl to laugh loudly, her large hazel eyes landing on me.

" Ma" She giggled, making the man beside me turn around. His large chocolate eyes landing on me. I could see the sudden warmth consuming them as he leaned in. Placing Aynah on the bed.

" Hey beautiful" He grinned, his large arms reaching towards my waist before wrapping around them. Placing a warm passionate kiss on my forehead, I could see the man brush my hair strands aside. A heartfelt smile covering his features.

" Hi Handsome" I grinned, wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders hearing him inhale sharply. His bright eyes closing tightly, as if he was having an inner battle. Wanting to believe the sight before him, praying it wouldn't go.

I could feel his rapid heartbeats against mine. As his hand slowly travelled towards my wedding rings. Stroking it lightly, a small content smile plastering his face.

" I'm not going anywhere Ammar. I'm here look " I whispered bringing his gaze towards mine. Seeing something flash within his eyes, his face schooled. He didn't have to say anything, I knew what he was thinking. What he was always thinking.

" I would've shot myself if they didn't find you" He growled out, his forehead resting against mine. Making me inhale sharply, feeling my heart ready to drop out. Swallowing down my tighten throat, I could see Aynah walk out of the room, to Gul Jaan who was downstairs, her chubby cheeks smiling at mine. Making two dimples appear on them.

"Don't say stuff like that. It's forbidden to do such thing in Islam, Ammar even if I went and you never found me. I would've always loved you and I'd be first one waiting at heavens gate" I whispered out, seeing the man's face wash with pain. His eyes boring in to mine.

" I love you Aazeen.. So much " He whispered placing a soft kiss on my cheeks, kissing the warm tears away. Making me inhale a sharp breath and lean in. Fearing this would be a dream.

" I'm never letting you go out of my sight. You're stuck with me, Mrs. Khan for eternity" He grinned, the same boyish look I  fell in love with, now plaster his features.

Glancing to the side, my eyes landed on the familiar picture. The picture Ammar had of me over eight years, in Muskaan's wedding. I looked so young, wearing a white long dress and holding the large basket full of sweets. I was staring straight at the camera yet for the life of me, I can not recall the event.

" Ammar how did you get this picture?" I whispered out, feeling the man beside me tense and lay on his side. His eyes closing tightly, allowing a heavy silence to fall around us.

" Muskaan. She gave it to me" He finally whispered out. It was as though someone had smacked me across the face, knocking all the breath within me. Seeing his large eyes open and glance at me. Hesitation lingering in them.

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