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(Name) was suffering badly with nothing to do and no one to see, the house was spotless and now it seemed that she wished it wasn't just so she had something she needed to do.

Suddenly music began blasting from her phone causing her to instantly dive for it in a more dramatic way than even she expected yet she answered it just as quickly.

"(Name) speaking."

Whoever it was didn't even bother saying anything as they hung up with lightning speed leaving her with a resounding beep thus she sighed and her hopes of the boredom vanishing was long gone.

Sitting down on the couch in her living room she released a sigh and grabbed the remote turning the television on and just as she was about to change the channel she froze in interest as there seemed to be a movie playing.

Deciding to watch it she put the remote down and proceeded to get comfortable at least until there was a knock on her front door which caused her to release a loud groan of protest.

Haphazardly stumbling onto her feet she made her way to the door and rather unwillingly threw it open, the person on the other side was slightly startled for a moment though regained their composer.

"Wow, eager to see me huh?" As soon as they spoke, she sighed and slowly looked up at him with an unamused expression upon her face.

"Shouldn't it be the other way around, I mean you're the one standing on my porch." She replied trying to hide the smile that desperately wanted to crawl upon her face.

"She's got a point there," Seriouspool chimed in much to Deadpool's annoyance.

"{Where's the point? I don't see a point anywhere around here.}" Sillypool added with some confusion though he was seemingly ignored as Deadpool turned his attention back to the (e/c) eyed female standing before him.

She raised a brow at his mini conversation with himself yet said nothing as she waited to hear why he thought coming to her house was a good idea.

"I came to collect some important information from you." Being that it wasn't Seriouspool talking she didn't know whether or not he was actually serious about this but shrugged nonetheless.

"What information could I possibly give you that's anywhere near important?" She questioned crossing her arms with a frown etched upon her facial features, she got the feeling she wouldn't like what he was about to say.

"Your name would be much appreciated."

She was stunned by this.......

That was the so called 'important information' that he required? She couldn't contain her laughter as she processed his words and completely understood what he'd been up to.

"Yeah no, not happening but nice try." She replied through giggles as she shut the door on him and went back to the television which was now showing the ending credits and although she was disappointed that she missed the end she didn't seem to really mind all too much as she replayed the encounter she'd just had.

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